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Artist: Lecrae f/ J.R.
Album:  Rehab
Song:   Divine Intervention
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

you know in intervention they tell you
that you're hurting somebody who loves you
and divine intervention's no different, yea, the moment is now
here is my moment, here is my lifetime
All that I have I will give to you
In this moment, 'cause nothing really matters at all

God created days, weeks, summer, spring, winter, fall
Yup, became weak so you could free us from the fall
you hold the earth in your palm with your great power
you always have the time the way you transcend hours
Wind and the waves tsunami is 'round
But you walk on top of them both
They humbly bow
Before I work I need a couple tools
you spoke the earth into existence, no auto tune
More than auto tune, more than minor key
'Cause I've been missing all the notes
In the minor keys and the major ones
And the key to life is coming to the end of it
And embracing Christ

here is my moment, here is my lifetime
All that I have I will give to you
In this moment, 'cause nothing really matters at all
Everything that this heart longs for other than you I will let die
Take all that I am 'cause nothing really matters right now
This is my moment

I holla empty me
So hollow be my name
you're so immense
But condescend and dwell inside my frame
you restrain the waves
And tame fierce lions
I mean fierce liars, crush empires
We all hanging by a thread cutting at the wires
Ignorant that all the sin lead to hellfire
And when I yell fire, they tell me false alarm
'Cause they don't smell the smoke and they don't sense the harm
Something worse than the black plague's coming
And nothing under the sun can save us from it
There's no hope but divine intervention
And Christ saves victims who are dying from addiction


They say in God we trust
But what's the bigger sin
That we don't trust in him
But trust the stuff on which it's written (that's money)
'Cause we all dying and we all trying
To stay alive but the truth we ain't all buying
Those of us who buy it, We're never bought from
We gon live free forever
We are gonna live forever in the Savior's arms
It's all needles in arms full of life's drugs
Lust, pride, hate, death running through our blood
Need a blood donor, need a transfusion
he's over hanging on the cross for your substitution
So in conclusion, only one solution
Trust divine intervention as your resolution