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Artist: L.E.G.A.C.Y. f/ Phonte
Album:  Project Mayhem
Song:   Pure
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"Everybody gather round and listen to my song. I've only got one. I've only got one."

P.U.R.E. [x4]

[Verse One] [L.E.G.A.C.Y.]
A night nigga
A holi-fuckin'-day
You might figure
I'm Off like bug spray
Shit, I might be
The rich I might see
The poor I might feel
The pure I might spill
More respect nigga
It's the boss hog
To my four legged niggas
This is for my dogs
Bark off trees
Heart dark as the sea
The black one
I'm half moon half sun
J.T. Tripper
Went from minor to a major figure
If I go
There'll be a lot of sad kids
Sicker with flows
Had to stop doin' ad-libs
I got too good
Doin' this in one take
I got too good
Doin' shit with one face
Never two
I'm so far ahead of you
You actin' up
I'll smack you, no waitin'
Just keep actin' up till I get off probation

[Chorus] [L.E.G.A.C.Y.] [x2]
The pure
Uncut raw
The sewer
You want what ours
See, you, aren't, me

[Verse Two]
Never believed in myself
Guess I was insecure
Used to speak to myself
Now I'm bent of bein' pure
Pure as the driven snow
Pure with the writtin' woe
Gotta watch that
Cork, gotta pop back
Draw pictures, re-illustrate
New paintings
Face facts you ain't him
Invisible Man, these are the Memoirs
I'm lyrical man, the pigeons I send y'all
A bird of prey, deep with every word I say
Pure as a virgin girl, cure for a better world
But it's sick that
Mother Earth would of wrist slashed
End it all
Suicide, it's the sewer side
No friends at all
Who am I? Who am I?
The only rock star, writin' off you ingrates
I got bars
And my thoughts are the inmates
Lock cell shit
I can not fail it's...

[Chorus] [L.E.G.A.C.Y.] [x2]
The pure
Uncut raw
The sewer
You want what ours
See, you, aren't, me

[Verse Three] [Phonte]
My peeps is learnin'
To stay true and let the streets determine
Between what's pure and un-pure so you can keep the sermon
Nigga I'm tryin' to see the features turnin'
Get paid and cop a car so foreign that it beeps in German
Smash niggas with them borin' flows
Reunited, Phonte and Leggy Bryant, back doorin' hoes
And the mornin' after, ignorin' hoes
I'm kinda zab with a sharpie and a cue card straight scorin' hoes
As they walk by, talk fly, see what my game like
The League gettin' crackin' like a safe in a bank heist
Nigga you ain't nice, nigga just think twice
It's Tay and Legzilla on the promo
Style is residents and extended stay, you're is Hojo
Flow so, negative, my album should be called One Hour Photo
Truth when I'm tellin' it, style intelligent
Now buy the CD, press play and develop it nigga

[Chorus] [L.E.G.A.C.Y.] [x2]
The pure
Uncut raw
The sewer
You want what ours
See, you, aren't, me