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Artist: Living Legends (The Grouch, Bicasso, MURS & Scarub)
Album:  Classic
Song:   Good Fun
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Baby it's like good fun
Wholesome and bright
Old and young
Twilight or day
Can always behave
Workin' your play till it's done

[The Grouch]
Attitudes shinin' like diamonds or glowin'
I'm knowin'
Open chakras and all that it's showin'
She called back, I'm happy and I ate good
I got an eighth of that fungus gonna take it at the G&E Lake could...
You roll that window down please?
Share my brand new tunes with them inner town G's
Let's bring the west coast back
Vocals ? come away since backpacks
And chasin' them rats
Burnin' incense stacks
Turnin' in them tracks to Amoeba
A little cash for PETA
Before I have my senorita
And she had her little feet up
And we heat up
Back seat of my beat up..
Red Acura
After the cinema shot
And I'ma capture the feel
With my pen and then rock it for my friends
Drop gems
Thoughts stem from my life
And ain't him

Baby it's like good fun
Wholesome and bright
Old and young
Twilight or day
Can always behave
Workin' your play till it's done
Music to ears is like sun rays
Stories are told in tons of ways
We gon get bold
We gon get brave
We gon get wiser with age

Take a snap shot
Mental picture
If you got that
Camera Kodak
Know that time is stackin' up
On they own back
Memories I own that
Activities I did
Exposures as a kid
Experience the love momma live
Daddy did too
My little brother, come now, Jamal man
I miss you
This world is a gift who..
Ever would have thought
Through a crystal ball, we ballin'
See what I saw
Travel places and spaces I've been has been raw
Can I say Milky Way and mean anything at all?
This galaxy is a sail boat
Motivate, show and tell
Made fun with this crew that I got
All the puss that's been stabbed
And the shows that's been rocked
I made a little money
But I spend a lot more
Cash flow
I gotta keep this free movin' fresh
Wider swing low
Till that chariot comes
Sweet chariot come
And carried us away
When I'm done
Take me to the sky, view the sun
It's beautiful {*echoes*}
And we doin' it for fun


Now I always been free
Some say doin' me
But I've been doin' me wrong
For way to long
I used to be a fiend for nicotine
Alcohol, I'm gettin' clean
Don't gotta be wasted every time I hit the scene
Tryin' to have a good time while
Bein' straight laced
So I can look into the mirror and not hate my face
For damaging this tempo
I've been blessed to be given
Tryin' to turn down this tempo on this mess that I'm livin'
Like shadow boxin' every time that we go and play a show
I just don't know
If I'ma stay sober or if I'ma go back
Tryin' to get myself together while they gettin' tore back
But a day at a time
I'm gonna stay on my grind
It's like double L
Double A on mind
If you see me with a drink gettin' wild in the place
Don't think less of me if there's a smile on my face


Freshly dressed like fifty bucks
I feel like a million, bobbin' and weavin' in the scenein'
Feelin' so good, don't wake me up if I'm dreamin'
Positive vibes don't thrive like they used ta
Over the feelin' when you livin' the moment pushin' plans
and the motion feel like a good high don't it?
Damn, what a drag when people pull you in the past
When the present is so pleasant
Yo right here is where it's at
Yo, life's a gamble like slot machines
Grab a hold, take a stand
Let it take you for a spin, expand
You don't give if you don't put in
I don't know about you
But I ain't got no choice but to win
See when you're gone, you're leavin' everything
Got jewels, but they're stones in the end
Can't take 'em home when you're blowin' in the wind
Get your weight up under load light ends
Drop hate for your life within {*echoes*}

Legends did it again


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