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Artist: Len f/ Biz Markie
Album:  You Can't Stop The Bumrush
Song:   Beautiful Day
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[Biz Markie]
Yes indeed, yo bumble C
You know the voice
And you know I'm the choice
But right about now I want to bring you a funky funky group
That go by the name of Len, L-E-N
And we going to do a little something like this
Check it out, D Rock

I got Mumbles on the beats, me and Biz be rapping
And when we gets together we makes it happen
And if you find my rhyme book please don't bend
'Cause I could kill a man with a jab of my pen
I'm not a violent man, but hang with violent men
Sometimes I like to chill and try to reach zen
I gotta give poeps to a writer named Ren
'Cause he's been a round since God knows when
I think it's time for an introduction
My name is D-Rock from the crew called Len
Been in hip hop since the age of ten
And I leave them I shock when I begin
That's why I don't front on my first impressions
And I only write rhymes for my circle of friends
It's like that and that's the way it ends
Me and Biz Markie constantly set trends

CHORUS [Biz Markie] *singing*
Oh, what a beautiful day
What a beautiful day, what a beautiful day
Oh, what a beautiful day
What a beautiful day, what a beautiful day

[Biz Markie]
Party people in the place I'd like to tell you a tale
About a high powered girl, her name was Gail
This is a funky fresh girly, she ain't stale
Everytime I see her she makes me hard as a nail
I'll examine while drinking Ginger Ale
Watching Monty Phython and the Holy Grail
Then I got a phone call, it never fail
It came all the way from a college called Yale
I said hello pretty mama, what up female
Let's go on a cruise, or go on a sail
But at first let me call up my man named Del
I called him... but he was in jail
We both went down and paid his bail
It came back three weeks in the mail
But one thing I forgot thss last detail
That the Biz Markie will always prevail


[Marc Costanzo]
Yo I want to say peace to all our crews east and west who rock the best
Say what's up to G-Force, my man without the Porche
And shout out to Seedman and McCarty for throwing those parties
And how you doing to Johnnie Walker in Vancouver, 
how you doing Johnnie?
And a special big beautiful day, 
to a special big beautiful label for giving 
us all that special special special beautiful cash