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Artist: Lifestyl
Album:  Mobstylfiggaz
Song:   Rewind
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[Tommy G]
Once again
Its them island boys puttin it down
What you think you kno about this
Apparently not enough
So you better hit rewind

Make'Em Hit Rewind more then 55 times in my Rhyme
Presentation One of a Kind
Hit rewind more then 55 times in my rhyme
Presentation One of a kind

[Pancho Villa]
Make'em hit rewind more then 55 times
I got 55 rhymes that'll blow 55 minds
55 gurls all 55 fine
55 thousand miles on my candy Nine 2 Nine
Alwayz on the grind in my rhyme
55 styles im versitile Lifestyl's on the klime
time is blind bank roll Ching Ching
Money you gone bring
All about the green all about the feria
Causin mass hysteria salty water takin on your area
Oh, you dont know, its the jefe Pancho
Rate this numer uno lets go take a mundo
No we aint a pissaple but its no principal
Show us resect becuz the girls are on our genitals
They like my dental they like my temple
They say my flow is monumental when I touch the instrumental


[Tommy G]
As I see it Let me Explain
Graphic scene scenario to me
I like to rent the fine freak when at night go gleence
Takin runs and restins if it was just my last
To much to put away cant forget my horrable past
Evil deeds selfish leads what was I left to do
Misunderstood from the beginnin labeled foul mouthed fool
Roads traveled not pleasant so called friends turned fake
Dedicate to salty water too much money at stake
Started trippin leanin dippin no one left to kall home
Place up shop with my product streets I steadily roam
Ur press and manifest now I speak out loud
To get away but puro mucho keep my heads in the clouds
European gleamin figure larger bigger and great
No more chances Fuck em all to much money to make
To much money to make
No more chances Fuck em all to much money to make
And I


Uggghhh Rewind
Hit Rewind Baby