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Artist: Lil B
Album:  100% Gutta (Mixtape)
Song:   Do My Job
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

OK, OK, oh my God, oh my God!
I got a lot of bitches; It's a party!
It's a Bitch Mob party! I got a lot of bitches!
Lil B! Look at me! (WOOP!)

Bitch suck my dick cause I look like God
Got me fucked up, nigga, don't act surprised
I'm swagged up! Bitch, way above the rim
Bitch Mob; Nigga, go tell a friend
Matter of fact, mothafucka, I'm a tell the world
Tiny shirt, tiny pants, I'm a fuck your girl
And I still go dumb, ask the bitches about it
Flex 52 bitches; call me Mr. Richmond
Bitch suck my dick 'cause I'm riding on 30's
I act like an attorney
I'm lyin' on my dick
Askin' me about the BasedGod, bitch, you know about him
He gon' fuck my bitch and he gon' fuck yo bitch
I'm talkin' like that
I'm spittin' straight facts
Fuck yo bitch in the ass, nigga, how you love that?
Tell you 'bout me, I'm a tell you 'bout you
Thank you BasedGod, nigga, fuck my bitch, WOOHOO‼‼

Fuck yo' ho in the mouth, I'm a do my job [x8]

Hey bitch, what it do?
Ya already know, ho, come fuck me!

Baby mama drama, startin' with vagina
So pussy wet, man, I thought you would've signed her
Ridin' on a bus, man, I'm tryin' to get designer
Nigga hatin' on me, man, I don't want the drama
4 XT, man, that's where I took the choppa
Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob, tell me 'bout yo' partna
Lil B, BasedGod, Bitch Mob, Goldhouse
51, 88, 72 to 9 route
Bitch, this my house, I know you wanna fuck me
Step yo game up, bitch, look at me, bitch
I know Lil B, bitch, I came up out-of-state
Still flexin' membership, bitches wanna fuck me
Don't second guess me; bitch, I'm Wayne Gretzky
I swear to God, nigga, I ain't never got Nexty [?]
Goddamn bitch, Lil B crazy
Goddamn bitch, I'm swagged up in the 80's
Fuck it
Ridin' down town and you know I'm in a bucket
Fuck it, ridin' in a bucket
Bitch, you know I'm downtown and I love it

Fuck yo' ho in the mouth, I'm a do my job [x8]