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Artist: Lil B
Album:  100% Gutta (Mixtape)
Song:   Fuck My Bitch
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Oh fuck
Oh fuck this BasedGod nigga Red Flame
I don't give a fuck about anybody
I need a bag of dope need a bag of dope
I'm birdman bitch I'm Birdman

You can fuck my bitch
It's happy hour
Two pistols on my side I'm a fucking coward
Bullet proof vest
I'm the police
100 bitches on my dick bruh, you know it's me
AR-15 get a life sentence
If I do the crime, I am not the witness
Don't sleep on the pretty bitch
Ho's in my bed, they sucking on my dick
AK on my side and I bust the bitch
Glock 9 bullets... hit the cooking dance
Rep Waterfront, 700, ask about me
My whole city hate me, because I'm so pretty
Jealous niggas, go tell em go get money
That's like telling an asshole to get funny
Bruh I feel like black Jesus
Think I'm a bitch? I'll give you a black Caesar

Thank you
Oh my God hand me, hand me the napkins
And hand me my FUCKIN' water
I'm the FUCKIN' best in the rap game
Lil B, get the FUCK away from me
You don't deserve to talk to me
BasedGod, oh my God (thank you)
(Ha-Happy Merry Christmas MERRY christmas)
Where's my bitches?
Where's my grapes?
(Happy New Year)
Red Flame nigga I don't give a fuck about shit
(Happy new year bitch, merry christmas)

30 on my wrist (swag)
5 on my neck (swag)
Nigga I don't give a FUCK about that fuckin' respect (swag)
Fuck the game nigga, and fuck everyone
30 thousand on my wrist bitch I'm fuckin' hung
10 carats on me neck bitch you rung?
Blrrrrr, hello bitch
I rang
Yeah bitch, I'm going to China mayne
10 carats on my wrist nigga I'm blang
Blang blang like Hot Boys
Nigga I do my FUCKIN' thing
Young BasedGod nigga with 10 g's on my rang
Young BasedGod nigga with 30 carats on my wrist
All these ho's can, suck my mother fucking dick

Nigga you know who the fuck this
Ahahaha (suck my dick) (merry christmas)
I'm, I, You know who the fuck (happy new year)
This is BasedGod (thanksgiving)
30 thousand best in the rap game nigga
I don't give a fuck who you listen to
These niggas talkin 'bout [clears throat] all these muh fuckin' mixtapes
Niggas tying to be serious, shut the fuck up
Ahaaha, shut up
Red Flame
Red Flame