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Artist: Lil B
Album:  100% Gutta (Mixtape)
Song:   Fake Niggas
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fake niggas, stay away
You know, this 100% Gutta shit
We staying away from these fake ass niggas
You feel me? These suckas and all that shit, man
they be plotting on a nigga. I'm a tell you wassup

Man, snakes man, I watch 'em
All day, they come constant
Come to a fucking concert to see how Lil B rock it
Most likely, I'm gon' blow like rockets
Actually, I pray to this day, that the game will kick around like soccer
I got too much time to joke, man I gotta be honest
With myself, so deep, open up my thought process
Cause when I look deep, I could see above progress
Just like when I like to use my conscience, it's never nonsense
Behind the blueprint, I'm still about my problems
Man, my new skin reflect upon my problems
Nobody even care, I had fear, thoughts of robbing
Now I don't think about robbing, it's obvious
This shit is a mental release, clearing my conscience
Man, I do it for my mama, granddaddy, my fucking partners
You feel me? Give me another chance, I'm a rock the world

Give me another chance, I'm a rock the world
Lock down mentally, all my thoughts will swirl
Hearts they'll twirl, feel like I lost my girl
Shit really got real when I'm out in the world
I don't know about you, but I gotta get money
Fuck money, pussy love money, money, paper, pussy, real
Pussy feel like no one other
What's the deal? I'm out here in the field making scrill
How can I move when these niggas is fake?
Eat a dick, fake niggas make me sick
Bitch, from the grave I take a piss
Fake niggas make me sick, Lil B