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Artist: Lil B
Album:  100% Gutta (Mixtape)
Song:   Hold My Dope
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

OK, man, put that dope in your mouth, man
Just shut the fuck up, man
Man, keep your head forward, just keep looking forward, man
Man, we about to get through this shit in a second, man
Man, why you keep tripping?
On the motherfucking, man, you know what, if you keep being scared

I got my mind right, low status, every night
Welcome to the hood, bitch, it sounds kind of stupid but
You see that rental truck?
My niggas put some bricks every night, just to stay up, you feel me?
I'm coming with that AR, looking for that payday
Dope fiends say I hit it first, like Ray J
Let me see the dope just to see that I'm melting
Break a nigga face if he think I'm a pushover
Took a loss, bounce back
Second loss, cook crack
Third loss, came back
Fourth down, on the run
Running up on the block, trying to get a couple sacks
I need to go pitch it back
Bitch, I'm running for the stacks
This should be Olympics on the block because I'm running laps
Dope fiends coming back like, "I heard you fronting crack,"
Bitch, I don't front nothing, might get your ass killed
Meet me in the car on the block, right down the strip
Nigga playing me for cheap, bitch, I want to talk green
Fuck you in the ass for the cash, bitch, that's on me
Bitch playing on me, that's a violation
Punk motherfucker, you already know I'm not hating
100% gutter
Violate that bitch

Alright, bro, I'm gonna handle this how I handle it
You know what I'm saying, because you keep acting all scared and shit
Man, I said put those motherfucking rocks in your mouth
and quit worrying about shit, man
You know what I'm saying?
I'm gonna handle this little problem that we got, man
Other than that, man, just sit back and be cool

100% Gutta mixtape, listen to this, man