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Artist: Lil B
Album:  100% Gutta (Mixtape)
Song:   Thugs Pain Remix
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: Lil B]
Gutta niggas hate me, you fee-
Fake niggas hate me though, you know what I'm sayin'?
Real niggas love the truth, you know what I'm sayin'?
Yeah... Yeah, it's ya boy Lil B

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I rip a nigga head for the money, gotta elevate
These niggas deep in the game, I'm ridin' Lacey Transit
Touch a thing with plastic, picking up the car
Sometimes I couldn't go, sometimes I gotta run
Pick up the bottle, let's talk business, these niggas switching
I'm in the merry everyday analyzing the man I've become
Niggas rich... but you ain't on the game, peep this
These niggas live and die in California
Niggas riding solo with a head full of knowledge
Choose to go left, I still love college
I can't wait to go from robbing suckers from the block
Nigga hit me I forgive 'em, second time I stripped 'em
Third time I came up, fourth time... I killed 'em
Remains on the floor, he was dirty before
Tryna lock your mind down pushing dope
Get the message, my niggas were alive I would've stripped 'em
But for real I tell it real
I'm tired of these same ass songs, these same ass songs
Leave me alone...
My nigga died at 27, my niggas died at 35
Homeboy you still alive, keep living life
I pray to God, I pray for you, we gon' be alright
(It's Lil B)

[Verse 2: Lil B]
Yeah... you slipping
Real ass nigga don't trip off positions
You was out living, tryna come up off a mission
Niggas really feeled you, that's why they had to kill you
Feel based respect, can't handle what you get
I know a lot of brothers who're dead, nobody cared
Except the people that gotta live with the evil
Can't tell if they hate me, or they wanna see me illegal
Could have seen one of them niggas, was playing with them needles
I'm still up in the hood, looking at me evil
But I don't want to kill a man, I want to be with your niggas
Took me before, I was feeling the whole core
But I had to step back, I wanna split his wig
I wanna play with my family, I don't wanna take his kids
Don't wanna take shi-, don't wanna take the loved ones
Niggas stop fucking with me, I'm a have to bust one