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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Based Jam Mixtape
Song:   Tell You This
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hey Bitch!
Come here. Have a great time!
Welcome to BasedWorld Airlines
Based Jam heyyyyy
Hey Bitch have a great day
Ayy I'm a tell you what it is man, it's Lil B
Hey Bitch

[Verse 1]
Riding downtown with the AC on
Bitch sit down, this a gangster phone
Had to shut her up like the dial tone
I'm always real, right or wrong
Look MySpace, had to change your places
This is gangster rap with a twist of based
Pay me now, pay me later
Riding down the strip and I fuck off paper
Never been a bitch, I need my paper
I handcuff bitches that's why I'm a player
And I pay, that's why I'm a trick
I finesse a bitch
Double pump shots end the game
Pull a triple-double, relax with the fame
Got a hundred mill
That's just foreal
Lil B for Lil Boss like the 5th wheel
I don't gotta speak and they know what's real
Touched a girl forehead she seen a mill
Number 1 pick, that's before the deal
I got hard like Florida will
You might see me in a spaceship phantom
Gotta drop caskets, shit they can't handle
And I got ten bitches
25 swishers, smoke stay with me
I'm like a pot cause the dope came with me
Feed the whole hood, close the city
Watch from the top, the scope and the beam
Watch for the cops, fuck the greed
And I'm green like spinach
Copped off the lot, the umbrella came with it
Stay on your head like a New York fitted
Where the same clothes... fuck it
Yeah... I compete with the stores
Always real I'm the same as before
I'm the same OG
Stay low-key
With the banger
Gangstas know me
I still burn tree
My name Lil B
Ay bitch, fuck with me

I'm a tell you this bitch, I'm a tell you this
I'm a tell you this bitch, I'm a tell you this
I'm a tell you this bitch, I'm a tell you this
I'm a tell you this bitch, I'm a tell you this
(Sample: I like, the way, you kiss me when we're playing the kissing game)
I'm a tell you this bitch, I'm a tell you this
I'm a tell you this bitch, I'm a tell you this
I'm a tell you this bitch, I'm a tell you this
I'm a tell you this bi?ch, I'm a tell you this

[Verse 2]
Niggas keep it real with me
Bruh came up with them deals for me
Had to step back, had to deal with me
Life so real, I got meals for free
Hate in your heart, you gotta chill with me
I'm ice cold
My jacket froze
Keep it on tight bitch I'm jacking hoes
Throw them in the trunk, I throw them in the Rolls
Look at my cash it grows and grows
I'm so hood, no one knows
Bubble up work like someone told
Talk that shit, I run before
Have low self respect
Work hard for me, don't break your neck
I'm a show you things that you can't forget
I met BasedGod, that's a fact
Never been ancient, never been hap
Never been canned, never been crap
I'm a bring it back
The world love me, it's just a fact
Speaking on facts let's talk about me
B for Lil Boss
Pour up a shot
Like New Years people waiting for me
Today my birthday, cut the cake for me
Never been a cop, no Jake for me
You at the gym, pushing weight for me
Just think about it
Before you sign a deal go read about it
I'm the man
Brrrangthangthang the world's in my hand
Life just like sands
Slip through your hands
But everywhere
Like Bone Crusher I'm never scared
Based Jam mixtape always there
I keep it real whodie
The right money, what the deal whodie?
Don't ever lose life
They try to cheat ya, don't lose your wife
I'm a keep it real all night
If you really love me, it's all right