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Artist: Lil B
Album:  BasedGod Velli (Mixtape)
Song:   Cold Nights in Boston
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus (x2)]
Cold nights in Boston, jewelry awesome
Bitch, I need my money, that's word to mother.
You don't cut the damn check, I'm finna make that shit
No love, I'm finna take that shit

[Verse 1]
Got so much honor, thats why I get fucked over
Sitting right on the stove, thinking about boulders
Cooking up, wake you up, and I ain't talking about folgers
Ain't never sold a rock, I'm just bringing you closer
My back against the wall, my friends perfect
They wanna ask for my number, let me see your face
Why you say you love me, when you love my fame
You ain't never had a dad, so you play that game
You ain't never had a mom, so you got no love
Thinking back to your past, it was so fucked up.
Fast forward to the time that your boy lucked u
Record deal out the hood, nigga never heard of
When you hot everybody wanna suck your dick
When you down everybody wanna fuck your bitch
When you sick, everybody glad to see you suffer
Thats when I keep the nine tucked come on I'm Ed Lover you fucking bitch!

You feel me? I keep that nine, come on son I'm Ed Lover


[Verse 2]
Plan to think, think to plan
Three strikes in the jail its a wrap my man.
Cold nights in Boston, jewelry awesome
Metaphor to my life, every day been costing
You dont got a private jet, man Jay I'm proud you got it
Bought my mom a house cause I damn sure got it
A lot of rappers sneak diss, bet you niggers is pussy
When I say I play with toys, I ain't talking about woody.
More things in my house pull ya whole coupe back
When you walk with them peacoat and a small black bag
No time for second guesses, when I do I flake
Its no suckers in my clique, only dimes with cake
Its no money in the kitchen, but they paint that picture
Taking lives for you boys cause it's just that realer
Any time I call it shot, I can do it myself
It's no love in the jects only guns and hell


Playing toys I ain't talking about woody, mother fucker


Once again imma cough cause I'm so sick!

[Chorus (x2)]

Shouts out to the Beantown baby
Boston whatup
New Jersey whatup
New York whatup
Upstate whatup
Cincinatti wassup
Ohio what it do
Arkansas wassup
North Carolina whatup
Carolina whatup
Maine whatup

Cold Nights In Boston