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Artist: Lil B f/ Jean Grae, Phonte
Album:  Illusions of Grandeur
Song:   Base for Your Face
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{Flavor Flav sample}
Bass for your face, London!
Everybody in the house make some NOISE! {*crowd makes some noise*}
[Chorus 2X]
"Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base"
"Base for your face, b-ba-b-base-base-base"
"Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base"
"Base for your face, ba-base" {Thank you, BasedGod!)
[Lil B talks over chorus]
9th Wonder..
Lil B...BasedGod
Base...swag! Yeah
Base for your face, all day
Base for your face, my nigga, it's all...
Base for your face, rain thang, yeah
Base for your face, my nigga, it's all daaaaay
("Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base")
("Base for your face, ba-base")
[Lil B]
Check it, uh..
This is real life from long nights
Niggaz like me I bounce back, it's alright
Base for your face, two times, you don't see no actin
All they do is rhyme words, such typical rappers
That was divined by the struggle, Metro phones
got pictures of my partners that died
People like me cried, the whirlwind came from drugs and guns
We used to call 'em...uh, cocaine numb
(Yeah, baseheads) Uh, niggaz killed at drive-by
The AK-47 took them lil'  kids' lives
All these young niggaz, it's like a movie
Puttin dots on your shirt, talkin 'bout Coogi
This is, change, (yes!) please excuse me
I rep Based World, nigga please don't lose me, Lil B
[Lil B talks over Chorus]
Real complex rap
Yeah, yeah I just uhhh, speak
You connect the dots
Real... Lil B
'ey 9th, I'ma need for you to drop this real fast
Drop somethin dope on 'em, swag!
[Jean Grae]
I'm a, rebel rouser, the other rebels that crowd around them
(C'mon) To rebel levels that leveled up into several thousands
Records +Houser+ like Afrika, we the +Jungle Brothers+
This is for townships, backpackers and seasoned lovers of music
Lil B's in love with the music
So leave the brother to use it, lead the public to new shit
See the, puppets ain't do it, you keepin up what they viewin
You see the numbers they doin, refeedin us, the three of us
Plus 9th, more than Kanye cuff dykes or cuff mics
It's my nigga Phonte, Based God, dig-above type
(C'mon) Above the boundaries of music, the counter-culture groove it's
(Uh) the kind of combination got you puzzled, called cocooners
We do what we like so hit the common section
Do this for life, so what we got in +Common+? +Resurrection+
I'ma tryna bring everything back
And that includes... 
[Lil B]
(Swag!) Remember times I was strugglin off my mindset
Remember, the time will fly, like a caterpillar
Graduate, I ain't even know that I shoulda
Sometimes, and don't hate when you know I coulda (swag!)
Now I'm 'bout to give back to the people 
More than ever, livin like now or never
Seem times, people get distracted by the outside hate
Life turn into appetizers (Eat 'em!)
And I tell my niggaz, be a man of your word
I be fakin'...bottom, fuck it, sleepin (Swag!)
Watch your sleep 'cause... 
them suckas will trick ya, thinkin about niggaz
...(Swag!) Don't change for nothin'
I go back niggaz still swing J's and sufferin
I'm movin up in the world, gettin humble as well
Stupid motherfuckers cain't tell, this real B

[Phonte talks over Chorus]
Yeah... Hey...
It's new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo-Tigallo...
And Little B the Based GOD~!
Thank you, Based God
We gon' make 'em mad on this one, my nigga
With 9th Wonder (Waddup)
9th Wonder on the beat
And nigga, I cut yo' shit in half, 'cause I ain't feel like waitin
Uh, I'm back on my shit, pah
Back on my incline, Phontigga raisin the benchmark
The young lions gave me a kick start
So here it is, pyramid schemin on y'all niggas like Quickstar/Quixtar
The drug test flow got you pissed off
So many say the game is contaminated, you niggas is animated
Meaning you not real - fake nigga, you Pixar
A short story, Toy Story 3, where the kids are
Now we have liftoff, so I'ma just stay firin
Phontigallo low, stay flyin
Y'all wannabe niggas stay tryin
But God is my God, don't be ashamed
Swallow your pride just like a gay lion - ROAR~!
Came back for a taste, Lil B, Phontigga back on the case
Feelin like, G-Money in my space
"They ain't come back for the cocaine
 They came back for the BASE!!"
[Lil B talks over Chorus]
Yeah, shouts outs to everybody that's been holdin me down
[Phonte still imitating G-Money]
Got my jimmy waxed every-DAY last week! Several times a day!
[Chorus + Lil B ad-libs = "Thank you, Based God" continues to fade]