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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Holloween H20 (Mixtape)
Song:   I Flex Bitches Based Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I got the bitches, I got the candy
I got them whole, he knows who's on me
Fuck that, nigga, I arrive in the foamy
Bitch know she want me, I'm a show you who got it
Fuck around with me, bitch, I'm a show you a little profit
Swag on round here, came to the chopper
Fifty thousand dollars on a next bitch swagger
Watch me came in, swagger
Would she know I came in to do the photo, do without
Bitch, you know I'm gonna come with the fifty five magnum
From starter, from better, badder than me
Better than main bitch, coming with the jet-sky
Fifty thousand dollars I'm a show them how to mix me
Next holla bitch know I'm a come to fifty though
Riding downtown and I look like Sisco
Fifty six bitches fuck me 'cause I look like Sisqo
Riding round the town and the bitches looking disco
I'm a bake the town with the fifty five crystal
I'm a show these bitches now we're running with the fifty though
I'm a show these hoes playing with the game

Bitch, don't play with the game, you feel me?
I'm a game swagger, fifty one magnum
Thirty six bitches fuck me because I'm landwis
Fuck me, hoe, know that I come spending canvas
Fifty six bitches fuck my niggas, says you know them
I'm a come in with the fifty five cold air
Bitches know me on land, you and your old man
Fifty six bitches and I look like Coby
Thirty six bitches and I run like George Foreman
Hit the bitch with the long one, I'm a fly that kite low
I'm a come with the caler, caler
Happy Halloween, bitch