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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Holloween H20 (Mixtape)
Song:   Merry Xmas
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Smokey! happy Halloween ya feel me
U kno happy Halloween to my bitches ya feel me
yea happy Halloween to my bitches
I love you bitch I love you babyyyyyyyyyy happy Halloween
aye I'mma tell you why I'm Thugged out
Man you know this real gang

[Verse 1]
She get so high when she look in my eyes
Cause she know that I go, through that money in they sky
She so sexy and she thick or she skinny she gone get it
I'mma bend the bitch over I'mma fuck her like a soldier
Put the ho in the coma, bitch roll the dozier
Got me slidin in the hood, she about to ho-ah
Whoodie chewing pills I'mma smoke on the dozier
Ima fuck her..... like that girl in Minnesota

[Verse 2]
I tell you bout this bitch that I met in the club
One deep, one night, blue Bentley, she gonna fuck
Bitch all upon my dick, cause I look like based god
Put your number in my phone bitch I look like your partner
Got the chop with the banger, 40 with the extension
I can fuck you at my house bitch, donít get it twisted
Drop the top gone and twist it, bitch I might just kiss you
The based god donít miss you, bitch let me get you some tissue
Based god on the bitch, popping Viagra Iím gonn get you
Bitch bout that issue, I need that paid back
26 bitches and they call me pat seizure?

[Verse 3]
Bad bitch hunna, swag on the thunder
Young based god fucked the bitch in the summer
Happy Halloween you know that I'm coming
Fuck a bitch mouth downstairs in the dungeon
European girlfriend, 3rd world girlfriend
Paid the bitch to eat, nah Iíma fuck the whirlwind
50 grand cash Iíma buy a new girlfriend
20 grand cash fuck the doctor or the surgeon
Everyday Iím learning
I'mma buy a new bitch
Happy Halloween get some candy and some bitches
Fuck me on the low key....MERRY CHRISTMAS