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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Basedworld Paradise (Mixtape)
Song:   Bitches Till I Die
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah nigga, money, money, hoes, cars, clothes
we coming from the basedworld paradise
space station, fucking a lot, a lot

Imma fuck bitches till the day I die
I be pulling ho', bruh that ain't no lie
Imma fuck bitches till the day I die
I be pulling ho', bruh that ain't no lie

Bitch choose up that's suicide
Funking with the mack bitch that ain't no lie
I be pullin hoes like a Basedgod
Surprised my bitch with flowers, now she won't stop
I sent my bitches flowers and a kiss
I fucked my bitches mouth for the clit
Surprised my bitch with flowers I'm the shit
A bouquet full of roses on my wrist
Lil B got a bag full of tater-thots
Eat my bitches up like tater-tots
Cashing bitches out for the one time
Cashing hoes out and I won't stop
Penthouse still cashing hoes out
Paying bitch rent fuck a ho mouth
Cashing hoes out, bitch fuck a drought
Fuck child support, I'm cashing hoes out


Why you niggas putting tags on yo beats
I don't want to hear that shit, I'm tryna speak
You niggas tryna promo off me?
I fuck yo bitch tonight and that's for free
I fuck your bitch, no royalties
I fuck your bitch and ask her what's the fee
Thirty grand bitch I'm flexin cheese
Fifty stacks of [?] european
I'm flexin Tony Parker when you see him
Tony Parker flex with the BM
Fuck Kevin Durant, I'm talking billions
I'm tryna ball out like the contract
Flex tiny shorts, flexing hoes tonight (OK)
Call me Chris Benoit cause I throw it (Le' go)
Woo Woo, le'go
R.I.P Chris Benoit I still go in