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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Fuckin With Me (S)
Song:   Fuckin With Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I will remember you (I'm a kill you niggas for fuckin with me)
Will you remember me [?]

Bra think he bad till he see that 4-4 cock, silencer on the tip so it poke him like a flu shot
See him broad day just waiting till the new drop, death of a sucker part 1 too hot
Backspace comma at the beach in the bahamas, with a 4-5 tucked in my pants like a condom
Hatas don't want it man, you know we sending 80 shots
40 to the torso, 30 to the membrane, 30 to the boy who gon sleep in the ashes
Payin for the pin, now we looking like a classic
4-4 hot like magic, bout 2 zips in the closet nigga P.O still harrasin
Young nigga so I'm livin by the code, new age gangsta learned that from the mini-mob
No phase gangsta, nigga lost in the city fog, when it's dark nigga it's time to get slept on
I want revenge you fucking bitch


Turn the lights on, shotgun with the switch on
Shotgun pump, kick back leave ya wrist numb
It's war going on outside no one is safe from
Niggas got one or two guns like kids now
Watch him with the scope, as he drift out
Saw him in the walgreens should have blown his head off
Revenge is a bitch, homicide is a write off
Fuck you niggas that was hating on me, got ya body bagged
Married to the coffin with your body tagged
On the left side, I got mores of a champion
If I'm comin for you that mean you a real bitch, got hatas on my back that's real sick
No work, and she guarantee drill shit
Nigga I guarantee to kill this shit, cause a jail sentence is not in my destiny
Rawest rapper punk bitch you ain't arresting me


[Fades out to talking: Lil B]