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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Ultimate Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   Freedom O Freedom
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yo, yeah
Hey man, ultimate
You already know what this is
Lil B
Eastside, Westside, Southside, Midwest
Handle business
Shout out to the Caribbean, I love you

Freedom O' freedom, we all need it
Stop the hate across the world cause we all see it
Let us play even, no war behind my back
Teach me to think before I react
I'm so over it, rubbing shoulders with [?] kings [?]
I used to be a pawn now I'm controlling shit
All this fish in the pond get eaten when the sharks hit
Who you gon' start with
My emotions keep me far away from that shit
I'm not just talking shit, I don't talk just to talk bitch
I'm at the point I don't do shit I don't want to do
I don't relate to suckas but they gonna feel my pain
Being a [?] is disgusting, I hate man calling us ugly
[?] I'm something that you can't touch
My mind on things, my mind designed
I'm on them outer lines
Like how you trying to define the top tier
I'm top of the world, why stop here
Niggas got a third chance thanking God everyday
Thinking how I fell off, I would've been a number
This is only for the streets, don't die this summer
I stay lowkey with the 9 in the Hummer
.45 in the truck, 18 is my number
Keep on playing, niggas tie you up, man
Put the kids in the trunk
Glocks in your mouth
Bout five keys of dope
And I ran into the south
They need this real dope, I'm in the drought
[?] about my job professions
I know you love the world, kill the people, this stresses
Me, like how you gon' forget me
I seen this, assertive death
Everybody can't do it and everybody tryna do it
That's a lot of fucking death
With this shit close to home
All these soldiers coming home, straight out of war
Came back and got posted
Like niggas can't talk in their face man, the mack is focused
Red beam on you, your back is open
Bullets hit you up like the napkin open
Your food, wipe the table, back in motion
Nigga, I'm back posted
Thinkin' bout how I got on this poster
One more chance, I'm feeling closer
The game so young but the world so older
Promised to my boss I won't turn my shoulders
Niggas never cold shoulder for the game
Always come in lames
I'ma pimp these bitches for the fame
It's Lil B, nigga

Like I said man, ultimate
We do what we do, man
We ain't fucking with none of that extra shit
Yeah, like I said man
Lil B up next
Lil B up next, man
Hottest unsigned artist in the world
Taking this game forever
Know what I'm saying
We got to. Period