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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Ultimate Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   Gucci Shotgun
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ultimate Bitch
It's a new day, bitch, mane
Pretty boy, you feel me?
Yeah man, it's your boy Lil B man
I'm rockin' on these niggas, strong arming
You feel me? Still gutta with it
Still asleep, still waking up shit daily man
In that dream...

[Verse 1]
I punish bitches, I put Glocks on niggas
It could be your fucking kid that feel that fucking trigger
I came up so fast, I got whiplash
Passed the game so fast and I stole the cash
I hit a lick so big I'm a goon again
Now I'mma thug fucking harder than I ever did
The game up and down, nigga, like the stock market
My mixtape game, nigga, it's the block market
I never play for money
I got no paper, my money in my family
I got judged before the fucking court of law
Just took a couple deals for the money scandalous

You know what I'm saying? You know them judges take that (You gon' come up boy)
I'm gangsta, man, you know we got that money
If you really connected to them bills, you feel me, them millions, you playin' them games

[Verse 2: Lil B]
I'm ... young, and I'm in California
I'm a California boy with the Gucci shotgun
Uzi shotgun, I usually pop one
I put suckas underground like them indie movies
Any movie I'm in, this shit's real
Look me in my eyes, bitch, because my hustle's real
I pop suckas over issue
Like E-40, I'll take a life over my fucking issue
Like E-40, I love my niggas too
I've never been a petty thief but I sell a brick flat
Bitch'll never speak, I use to buy
Fake Jordans all up in the streets
Now I'm that street nigga that could buy the fucking sweep
I beat the bitch, or I beat my ... (never, nigga)

I'm too gangsta nigga, no homo nigga
That's for you pussy ass niggas man
These niggas gettin' holes, we gettin' money you feel me
Poppin' bottles, nigga, we do whatever I do man
You know what I'm saying? Pick and choose the game nigga
Ultimate Bitch, nigga