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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Ultimate Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   Pretty Boy Music 2015
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Like I said, man
I based freestyle
This for my real gutta
You know what I'm saying, we gutta all day
We do this, man
Eastside, Westside, Southside, what up
Midwest, under, under
Like I said, it's your boy Lil B

Pretty boy music, still got bitches
No homo bitch, I fuck a bitch in the kitchen
You hating on me, man you must be tripping
I wake your ass up like a coat that's unzipping
Hit a homerun, you can call me Cal Ripken
Fuck ten bitches like Kentucky
Yeah, shout out to my nigga Russ Smith
Pimpin hoes and they always cash out
[?] fuck that bitch mouth
[?] I told her get her ass home
I don't pay child support, bitch that's arguments
And I knock you in target
[?] these hoes lying
Man, these hoes is diamonds
This bitch fuck ten niggas for 30 fucking dollars
Bitch better graveyard shift for that icing
Real niggas come up, work and get righteous
You know what I'm saying, bitch I might bite you
Fuck that shit man, it's all played out
2013 man, we running in your house
A lot of niggas don't lie for real
Man fucked 25 bitches and that's not right
Shout out to the tricks putting hoes on ice
Bitch come with me, man you know what I like
Rocking to the top bitch, I'm rocking all night
Fucked her, know what I'm saying, fucked her all right
Shout out the Berkley High, man
Shout out Oakland Tech
Albany High, El [?]
Mask off man, you ain't gonna rob me bitch
Ride around town with the car full of gangsters
Everybody know I rock with the gangstas
Pull that yoppa out, you think that I'm faking
Man, you must be crazy, run up on me
Man you tripping, you lazy
I knock your ass out, play with extensions
Fuck a hand gun, I don't play with extensions
Slap the bitch ass

You know what I'm saying
Know what I'm saying, we slapping niggas 2015, man
Like I said man, based freestyle
We do what we do, pure