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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Ultimate Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   Rick Ross
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ay you already know who it is man
Pretty Boy's on deck, yeah I said it man
You see a high rise on the left, shout out to West Oakland
You see the water front on the right, shout out West Berkeley
we getting it in. Ay man, I do what I want, every day
Ay man, show price is going up, running up, we doing every thing
Yeah like I said man, Pretty Boy's in this bitch
Ay man, I know Lil B, you feel me?

[Verse 1]
Flexin' Courtney money, and I look like Rick Ross (Figaro)
Flexin' ten bitches and you know what it cost
Tiny shirts, tiny pants, bitches want the boss
I still got bitches, I look like Rick Ross (Figaro)
Flexin' Courtney money, bitch you know what it cost
Shouts out to my girls, I'm gon' trick all them off
I might just trick on a bitch right now (Buy pussy)
I might buy a bitch, a car or a house (I buy pussy)
Fall in my trap, bitch, you know I'm so foul
Fucked her in the ass then I fucked her in the mouth
When you gettin' money, bitches don't make a sound
What bitch? You're riding in the coupe (Figaro)
I know Lil B, he fucked my bitch too (Damn)
I know the Based God but he's too rad
You niggas keep stealing swag, fuck you and your money
I'm a pretty bitch, I'm 2Pac and I'm thuggy

Flexin' Courtney money and I look like Rick Ross (x8)

[Verse 2]
Flexin' true bitches and my life on the edge
Nigga, Quavo stole my swag, bitch, I don't drink beer (Figaro)
Man, I might put hands on a bitch right now
Man, I might flash on a fuckin' bitch right now
Man, I'm in the strip club stealin' money off the floor
Put her in a bad position, take her pussy and I'm gone
Fuck these hoes need to get their priorities straight
Man, I just might take my young bitch on a date (I'm cool)
I might take your case, I'm not living straight
Bitch, twenty grand, so I'm starting to think that I'm Mase (Woo)
Child support me? Almost knocked the bitch out
Want a million in back child support? Ho I'm running in your house
Child support me? That's the shit you don't do
A lot of niggas stole my swag, bitch you don't got the juice (Woo)
Seen a real nigga, bitch, I'm living proof
I know Lil B, bitch, what about you? (Based God)


Yeah man, fuck these niggas you know what I'm saying
baby momma drama all that shit man? I don't care though
you know we rockin' up. You know what I'm sayin'?
Unsigned nigga. Twenty grand shows bitch, you know what I'm sayin'?
We ain't playin'. Fuck 'em, Lil B, man, we ain't doin' this, yahimsayin'?
Poppin' up nigga, every day bitch. Yup like I said man
shout out to Lil B, we do this here