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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Ultimate Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   Sellin of Skinny
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
52 bitches, clip with extension
Young BasedGod came in with the quickness
You said I fell off, you fuck nigga you must be tripping
Riding through the hood strapped up with extensions
You niggas need a manager, I teach bout these bitches
Young BasedGod flex 30 with the quickness
I'm not sneak dissing, I see you in the streets
Young BasedGod got bitches in New Orleans
Young BasedGod got bitches in Florida
You know I love Georgia, I'm looking for [?]
I'm flexing 31, I'm starting to feel like I'm older
I got 10 bitches and I told them that I'm sober
Cocaine [?], bitch I'll expose you
Flexing 31, I'm starting to think that I'm Noah
Stunting across that water, I'm starting to think that I'm Noah
Ice ring Noah, big boat Noah
Flexing 31, I'm bout to fuck me a ho
Flexing 16, I got bitches in the movies
I love fucking groupies, you stupid bitch excuse me
Bitch suck my dick cause my house has a jacuzzi
I broke the bitch neck when I fucked her at the movies
Young BasedGod never told the bitch excuse me
Flexing 31, I'm starting to think that I'm Gucci
Fucking 20 bitches and the girl called me Boosie
My name Lil B but I got love for Boosie
Riding through the hood and these bitches wanna choose me
Get real bitch, I like girls that got no booty
All she need is pussy, that's the only thing that moves me
Pussy getting millions, living off finesse
I flex bitches in handbags, I flex tiny purses
Selling off purses, no homo bitch she worthless
Flexing all these bitches, I know they not loyal

You know what I'm saying
These hoes ain't loyal for nothing
Know what I'm saying
I don't respect that
You know what I mean
Bitch step your game up
Know what I mean

[Verse 2]
Free Murcielago, bless you for that [?]
Front me 20 bricks and I bet I let that block go
You niggas need a answer, them boys calling shots though
I'ma call a shot, I fuck my bitches on top though
Bitch look at me cause you fucking with the boss though
Flex Lex Luther, flex [?]
Flex tiny shirt and these bitches wanna choose ya
Young BasedGod never fucked with a loser
You know Lil B but you don't know the BasedGod
Flexing hand bags and I call myself BasedGod
Thank you BasedGod
The bitch sucked my dick cause I said I know the BasedGod
Flex tiny purses and I sell cocaine blocks
Selling fat dimes, selling off 30
Playing that game, bitch you know I'm coming early
Young BasedGod flex 20 or 30

[Chorus repeated]
Selling fat bitches and I sell off skinny
I love that thick bitch and I love skinny minny
I fuck fat bitches and I love fucking skinny
I sell fat bitches and I sell off skinny