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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Ultimate Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   They Want B
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You already know what time it is
Man, it's your boy Lil B
I do this for the motherfucking streets
You know what I'm saying
This that real rap, that gutta rap
Niggas that rap cause they ain't got nothing but rap
Know what I'm saying
Niggas gotta rap cause that's the only get back
I ain't inherented nothing
I'm still out this bitch thugging til the end nigga
Making this money, you already know, baby

[Verse 1]
How many days must I bleed
Man, to really feel free, remind myself everyday
That the past is me, but who are you
Man, I'm the same guy you wanted to see
What's love or hate nigga?
Whatever you want it to be
Who that , nigga I don't give a fuck
I'm numb to the pain, I need counseling
Some things never change
Put the guns down, we should've already changed
What that mean?
I feel like these suckers is lame
And who do you love?
Man I love my niggas but they don't wanna hear that
Cause they get in your feelings
Like that bad teeth, I'm in 'em
Jay-Z said if you dont understand 'em, don't mean that he nice
That don't go for me, cause I'm the man
Might hit a sucka with the beam, make a sucka scream
You want money, then you want Lil B

They always want B
Turn up for that money, bitch
I said they always want B
They always want B
Yeah, I said they always want B

[Verse 2]
I take keys off the block [?]
Everytime I come through, you know I'm tryna make it squeeze
Tryna keep it real like that dude [?]
Real talk, I flood the streets
My message way bigger than my attitude
My attitude is like fuck it, you don't wanna hop in nigga
Then don't jump in this bucket
Cause the car's stolen, and I'm stepping up my budget
I'm the last dude that you thought would make it
Thought would take it, nigga I was almost naked
I can't hide the fucking truth, realize I am the [?]
Everytime you look up bitch, I'm on the roof
I chose my own fate, my destiny is time
I'm tryna master that nigga, cause it's all in mind
Put niggas underground for the smallest things
America raped me, now my mind is free
I don't know fair game, niggas on my side is greedy
I rob white niggas, I rob black niggas
I rob yellow niggas, I'm the ghetto nigga
I rob brown niggas, feel the metal nigga
Hit you with that motherfuckin' I rob sand niggas
I rob tan niggas, you feel me
I even strip rob 'em good and show 'em who the man nigga
I got no food on my plate
My stomach is hurting, back against the surface
Niggas tryna make work, I'm tryna get it working
Last thing I want to say, step up your game
Cause niggas over here want to eat and we playin'
Life's not a game, down for the rainy days
Unbrellas for the rain

It's Lil B
They want B
They want B