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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Ultimate Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   The Ultimate (INTRO)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hey check this out, man
You already know who it is, man
We got the boy Lil B in the house
The motherfuckin' legend, the artist
The motherfuckin' rawest rapper alive
Like I said man, this that Ultimate Bitch mixtape
Hey before I have Lil B holla at y'all
Cause he's so real

Come out the cut with the mask and ?
You too slow, ask who faster
I'm on these bitches, ultimate bitch
Lookin' at the ultimate bitch
The finest girl know she the shit
Pumped up now, I'm so legit
I don't need ? to flip, I'm on niggas tops
I'm on niggas watches, it's time to get it popping
Lil B is my name, I rep the world
See me in the west bitch with the bestest girls
See me on the East coast looking for that D low
? for the steelo ?
Aim for the box like I'm shooting free throws
Baby girl knows what's up, she gonna get it in
Bitch Mob on mine, Lil B the clique
BasedWorld records yeah, we smashing shit
Lil B the only one that's signed
I'ma take my time, I been down so I'm taking mine
You know I'm in the game, it's a dangerous mind
Pop four suckas, man ? everytime
Shit's so cold with the missing vibes
I know y'all missed my vibe
I came straight out the hood and I handle mine
I was the first ? candle light
It's so deep, I had to ?
You niggas don't know my life
Who said I was wrong when I know I'm right
My mom said I act like Republican
I came from the hood, nigga I'm struggling
Most people, they know bout hustling
Handed down jobs from their cousins
It's a family business
? to discriminate
Tie your bitch up, let's elimi-date
It's the perfect day for me to demonstrate
Niggas get slapped up ? they instigate
Lil bosses on mine, fake niggas ? die
Lil B, bitch I know where my options lie
Everything written, yeah, and it's prophecized
Ultimate Bitch, I know where my options lie