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Artist: Lil B
Album:  Ultimate Bitch (Mixtape)
Song:   Way Mo Young
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hey man, you already know what time it is
Hey man, it's your boy Lil B
Hey man, we do this, you feel me?
Ultimate Bitch mixtape
Shout out to Westside, Bay Area all day
You know this rap shit, really man, I do this
Hey man shout out to the bitches

Niggas stole my swag, it's kind of cool but
Man, you got problems
[?] and I'm sliding no problem
Niggas stole my swag, they think I'm high
Nigga I think I got options
Flexing on these bitches, I'ma cash out and box em
Flexing swag, reppin' Berkley
Repping Richmond, reppin' Oakland
Repping Frisco
Niggas see me, I'm legit
Fuck these bitches, I got new bitches
Self made 20 grand show, self made
Made niggas know I'm Lil B
I still got 100 bitches
20 grand show, unsigned
Fuck the world man, it's all mine
50 grand show, that's nothing to me
Bitch, I'm in New Orleans
What's up, I stay on point like a target
Come shop with me like I'm Target
Glock 40 on you, you can be my target
I told you boy, I'm not just an artist
Coming up, bitch regardless
My birthday, we doing numbers regardless
Just tryna fuck these bitches
Feel me, feel me
These niggas so mad, I had to fuck their bitches
But that's cool with me, y'all can live y'all life
20 more after tonight
20 more man after I'm right
Feel me, It's alright

Cause I'm young, I'm way more young
I'm young, I'm way more young
I'm young, I'm way more young
I'm young, bitch I'm way more young