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Artist: Lil Herb f/ Lil Bibby
Album:  Ballin Like I'm Kobe (Mixtape)
Song:   Don't Worry
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Don't worry, I'm determined to win
Don't worry, I'm determined to win
Don't worry, I'm determined to win
Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry

[Lil Bibby]
I be with pistol tottin', kush smokin', lean pourin' crazy ass niggas
Nigga want some work?
Just pull up, make sure you bring the cash with ya
I be blowin' money fast nigga
Try me that's your ass nigga
Nigga talkin' down bout [?] pain
Cause I don't fuck with that nigga
I say I did this shit for my dogs
Just make a call, they'll risk it all
Orphans that just send 'em a text
My youngin's come through make rain on your set
Sleeping on couches, had pains in my neck
Now I got three or four chains on my neck
Bitches be trippin', I can't fuck with that
Cut that bitch off cause I ain't for the stress
These niggas be set trippin'
Switchin' sides, set flippin'
Pocket watch, sneak dissin'
Why you worried about the next nigga?
Why you all in my pockets?
Why I'm always a topic?
Nigga get up off of your ass
Go and make you a profit
Buy the mall when I be goin' shoppin'
Got a habit, really need to stop it
We be tottin', little squeak got it
These niggas know that he a problem
Niggas know I spent that paper
Bitch I ain't doin' no features
Throw the cash out on that Porsche as I ride past my teacher

If a big bucks I'mma go cause that's my big bro nigga
NLMB, never leave my brothers man
Day 1 niggas, no new niggas in my ass, ten year shit
Real shit nigga

I be with trigger happy, pill poppin'
Drug dealin' wild ass niggas
I'm a young black male dropped out
Worth a couple hundred thou ass nigga
I'm a Truey, Louie
Walk and you can smell me before I come around ass nigga
Cause I'm a leanin' ass, loud ass, rollin' out the pound ass nigga
And I got it from the mud
Lil Bibby that's my blood
We was in the trap and we was in the stu'
And we was out there tottin' guns
Took hard work to run them bands up so we fuck it all for fun
And G-Fazo would be proud of me so I fuck it all for 1's
And we got choppers with the drums
All type of fuckin' guns
Know the fans watchin'
Niggas prolly workin', I ain't talkin', I'mma run
When they find me, I be high
Chiefin', chokin', coughin' up my lungs
Robins full of Hunds
I don't check for hoes in the club
I [?] swishas with my 1's
80 dollar cups
But I'm through with that shit, tryna give it up
Yeah I fell in love
'Member saying I could never get enough
Bitches on me, they can't ever get enough
Call 'em up, any day I'm gettin' sucked
5AM, in the hill just me and Bucks
Who the hottest from the 'Go? Just me and Bucks
Take it how you wanna, I don't give a fuck
Nigga run up on me, all you hear is buck
Now somebody pick him up
Treat me notepad like it's Spalding ball every time I pick it up
Record labels calling now
Nigga balling like I'm tryna pick 'em up, nigga (huh)

Ugh, hey, hey, hey Bibby what's up bro
you already know how we rockin' it man
150 dream team the campaign man
Free all the 150 demons, RIP all our niggas man
Look -
(Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry
Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry)