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Artist: Lil' Keke f/ Yung Redd
Album:  Money Don't Sleep
Song:   Errthang I Love
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yo these guys been looking for you all day
Who are these motherfuckers man
Yo, I hear you got that butter, Norman
You know me man or something, I don't think you know me man
I think somebody been misleading you, you know I mean
Some'ing was up with them cats, either they was stick up kids
Or the feds, either way I wasn't fucking with em 7-13

Don't fuck around, I ain't fucking around
We ain't fucking around, we ain't fucking around
Everything I love

[Lil' Keke]
I'm in that winner circle, no squares allowed in
And all you haters that ain't feeling good, call in
Houston my home nigga, rep every song nigga
We hit the licks and built the bricks, straight up from stone nigga
Fifteen strong now it's on, yes I'm a O.G.
Fuck what they saying understand, these niggaz know Ke
Lord bless a true thug, back at it new blood
Still fuck with my plug, that's on everything I love
Oh yeah my close fam we killing, sacked up keep spending
Talking red carpet white linen, yeah my whole circle we winning
So I don't care what they say, stay the fuck up out my way
Cause we don't fuck with niggaz, and that's on everything a nigga love

[Chorus: Yung Redd - 2x]
If we don't fuck around, then don't fuck around
If we don't fuck around, then stay the fuck from round me
I'm in that winner's circle, bad bitches round me
And I ain't never gave a fuck, bout what they say about me

[Lil' Keke]
Fuck what they say about us, never mind the fine print
This blessing heaven sent, it's just a testament
This here is plain jane, we ain't the same thang
I'm out your league homie, switch your speed and change lanes
The bright lights near, the check must clear
Race after paper chase the bitches, it's a nice year
High as the nose bleed, smoking the pro's weed
No time for nothing phony, just know the thang on me
My money mine homie, no need for number crunching
Them suckers count down, they know the rocket launching
Soon as I blast off, then I salute the blood
We don't fuck with niggaz, and that's on everything a nigga love

[Chorus - 2x]

I ain't never gave no fuck, that's right nigga we back
2014 to the finish nigga, let's get it