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Artist: Lil Rob f/ Baby Bash
Album:  Uncut for the Calles Mextape Vol. Uno
Song:   Get Your Feria
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[Verse 1: Baby Bash]
Oh now
They really gon' hit you cause you nice and you dead
With a saucy flow and a trill solo cause they be loving that ish
That tissue
Sharp as it gets you
And I love the way stiletto fits you
Here goes some ones, fives and tens, take these twenties with you
Just realize that you fuckin' with a million dollar
Mexican, who did his shit
Down in Nicaragua
Girl, you ain't playin'
I love what your booty sayin'
When it's clappin' in my face
Ya-da-da, I'm sayin'
Black, white and oriental
Love to do it, bucked, treck it, while I smoke a leno
Oh, you ain't know
Well, welcome to the doggy show
Stack that bread, stack that feri', stack that federal

Break: Baby Bash (Lil Rob in background)
Short skirts (Get your feria)
High heels (Get your feria)
Go work (Get your feria)
Get bills (Get your feria)
High heels (Get your feria)
Short skirts (Get your feria)
Dollar bills (Get your feria)
Make it work (Get your feria)

Hook: Lil Rob
Get your feria
Get your feria
Get your feria
Get your feria

Repeat Hook

[Verse 2: Lil Rob]
I do that rap thing, make that money, we likes to party and shit
I might throw a little bit at some beautiful chicks to strip
Come here, baby
I like the way you look, the way you shook, your ass on the stage
You do
Good at what you do, get paid, can't
Help us, (???) this way
You're fucking beautiful, baby
You got that look in your eyes
You telling me lies, I don't care, mija
Open your thighs
Open 'em wide, put your fingers inside
Here's another bill, for another cheap thrill
Her loves can kill, she would've killed me for real
They're out for the money
And they know I gots a little
And I'm out for a good time, even though it costs a little
Fuck it
It's only money, money comes and goes
When you got a little bit of feria, the women come with no clothes (Feria)

Repeat Break

Repeat Hook Twice