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Artist: Lil Slim f/ B-32 a.k.a. Baby (Big Tymers)
Album:  Powder Shop
Song:   Ho's I Used 2 Sweet II
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[Lil Slim]
Met a short red bitch, round 49
Another motherfucker, she was short, big, fine
Headed down Alley, I had to bring four gin
I paid for the Tele, and then went in
She got in the hotel, and started actin' like a bitch
Asked me for twenty dollars, to get her hair fixed
Now trick bitch, I don't know what to think
Cuz I'm a gangsta ass nigga, I ain't trickin' no bank
Pulled up the next mornin' to being the bitch home
Went in my fuckin' pocket, twenty dollars was gone
The stanky hoe played herself like a trick
Cuz, the hoe is down bad, for cold takin' my shit

Still kickin'on them hoes, that I just now met
Still kickin' on them hoes that I used to sweat

[Lil Slim]
Stepped up to a bitch,
That I saw in the club, she started actin' bad
Like she was in love
She was a dog ass hoe, who called herself
Juicy, behind close door's the hoe
Wanted to do me, talkin' bout
Eat the kat, I don't play that shit
I'm an Eagle Street nigga I'm trickin' this bitch
Kickin' it on them hoes, try'na go out on my boy
I slide, biggegy bounce straight to the Saint Bernard
Where I met this hoe, two week's ago
She blew in my ear, then she gave me a blow


[Lil Slim]
Now I kicked it on that hoe named Monica
Like I said before, ya still a four shaped freak
You try'na rep on me? Bitch you get's nothin'
You still an 187 with my milk in yo mouth
Now you on the map, cuz you a stank hoe
I guarantee, after this you won't rep on more
Now slide, I kicked it on that hoe
I got Lil' Baby on my side
With the 32 gold's
I'ma slide biggegy bounce for my nigga Lil' Baby
He got bitches on his jock, steady drivin' him crazy
Got my nigga Suga Slim, with his finger on the trigger
Never catch him slippin' always thinkin' on a nigga
Turnin' gee's to bee's, he used to slang them ki's
Now they slangin' fuckin' tapes, makin' money with ease


Lil' Keisha, you still a Ca$h Money bitch
Say what, you still a Ca$h Money bitch
I say Lil' Rolla, you's a Pop-do-leg bitch
But you's a Ca$h Money bitch
I say Lil' Tina, you's a hot pussy bitch
But you's a Ca$h Money bitch
I say Lil' Dona, you's an East Bank bitch
But you's a Ca$h Money bitch
I say Lil' Adrienne, you's an Prime Time bitch
You a low down bitch
I say Elise, you still an 7th Ward bitch
Say what, you still an Ca$h Money bitch
I say Lil' Trina, you's a Pimp Daddy bitch
You's an Saint Bernard bitch
I say Lil' Mesei, you's an Saint Thomas bitch
You a dirty bitch