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Artist: Lil Slim
Album:  Powder Shop
Song:   The Lil One
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[Verse One]
Bouncin' through my hood, threw up my nigga's
A deuce, I got five on a sac
So what 'cha wanna do?
Got a ride to the shop, stopped at the gas station
Slap three in my tank, got no time for waitin'
Hooked with my nigga cuz he had an gangsta sac
Then fucked with my bank, cuz I knew I had a stack
Four deep in a car, we ride strapped
I was itchin' to pull the trigger, try'na crack a nigga's cap
Nigga pull out the bag, nigga smoke all the weed
I was so fuckin' buzzed, now I'm go to sleep
Nigga played three eighty and a gangsta clip
I packed an extra gangsta clip, cuz a nigga ain't gonna slip
I had drammmma, cuz they called me Slim
Nappy head motherfucker with a big o'l lim
I'm fuckin' them hoes, leavin' ringin'
Like a high school bell just toss that ass over and
Let a gangsta nigga nail

Now bounce, biggegy bounce slide where you Ward at?
Game's cold thank's nigga, look who's back

[Verse Two]
Now easily, I'm apporachin'
I'm quick to squeeze the trigger
Nigga hopin' cuz I ain't no joke
I got my hat to side, long dick
Cuz I'm Slim, I can't stand a fat bitch
I like 'em nice and trim
You don't work, you don't eat I ain't gone lie
So bitch so a fat dick, in order to survive
He say Slim, why ya train for a bitch so bad
Don't give a fuck bout a hoe, all I want his the ass
To them side jumpin' nigga's,
I know you can't take me
Cuz, I'm Tha Lil One and bitches can't break me
Nigga run up, I say ya better shoot first
Pull the gat, pop the clip and put the bitch to work


[Verse Three]
That got some nigga's in the place
Who be stuntin' in the club's
That's why I pack my gat, and where my rubber gloves
Poppin' a clip up in my gun,
Clickin' up with my gun, 
Shootin' them bitches with my gun,
Now my ass on the run
Got bank to the clock, got bitches on my jock
Never slippin' with my gat,
That's why I pop biggegy pop
I'm the same o'l nigga, I know ya know my name
Fuck the Gusto, down the gat, let's go with the hang
So I can shake you up, I'ma break you up
Get 'em up? Cuz, I'm a nigga that don't give a motherfuck
Got my nigga Suga Slim and B-32
Pimp Daddy, UNLV and PMW
I got big Steve by my side, like the burnt up ride
Better ask somebody? Cuz Ca$h Money doin' all right