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Artist: Lil Slim
Album:  Powder Shop
Song:   Powder Shop
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[Verse One]
I gotta mouth full of rock's, with some
Can in my ass, gotta watch my
Fuckin' back for the police pass
So I hit the Eagle set, I saw my nigga Shawn
Jumped off my butt, and said what's goin' on
Big Hugh, was on the corner gankin' fends for crack
Money Mike was gettin' paid, that's how I knew he had a stack
We rollin' through the Grove, fittin' other nigga's sets
Cuz the Molly Branch nigga's, quick to put you in check

Now biggegy biggegy bitch, where they at?
Where they at? Shake it wash it
Seein' a soldier, get the gat, get the gat

[Verse Two}
I hit the Tenth Ward through that STP
Annotseacion, roots off, and valets
Since ya wanna go to war nigga, go to war
Wanna slang some fuckin' nine, take a walk on Chipaewa


[Verse Three]
I hit the Third Ward through the CP-3
Then them hoes started to jock cuz they know it was me
Now them nigga's on Calve is a rat-tat-blaster
Wanna talk that fuckin' shit, take a walk on Errata
The miggegy Magnolia, the wild Magnolia
Saw my cousin Juvey, cuz I know he was an hustler
The Melphomene queen hang on Josephine
Suck a nigga dick, like ya do in a dream


[Verse Four]
I had an Powder Shop, that was based on Eagle
Servin' twenty sac's and them bitches was illegal
Eightball, sixtheen, eight quarters, and even ounces
Makin' big bank, now I'm bouncin' biggegy bouncin'
Seven gram's and a quarter I mixed it with some water
Put it in a test tube and watched the bitch get harder
Some go for $250, some go for $300
Some nigga's cook it up and bound to make some money
Move a half a bird a day, got no time to play
I'm not from rag to riches, but I know I'm on my way
Hiked up with a boot and I know them nigga's know it
Take a purse, and no fork myself it's time to get loaded
But it's all bout business, cuz I'm in it to win it
If you step on my toes I'ma turn into a menace
Front nigga's in my way, try'na make a quick buck
But it really don't matter, cuz we all comin' up

I had a Powder Shop that was based on Eagle
Come with thirty gee's and ya bound to get served

[Verse Five]
On a all night flight a nigga was spooked
We saw nigga's we didn't know, but knew what to do
Cuz we had are gat's cocked, ready to let cap's pop
To bust a nigga ass, watch another nigga drop
The very next day, it was the same o'l thing
I'm opened up my Powder Shop, so I can slang and slang
Because a bitch ass nigga, can't stand to see you comin' up
Cuz it's a dirty ball game, that's why ya don't give a fuck
Moved up to a bird, with a hell of a nerve
If you come with thirty gee's ya bound to get served
A money hungry nigga, know I ain't go lie
Only the strong survive, I wanna piece of the pie
No I'm never gonna stop, steady watchin' nigga's drop
Makin' bank on my set, slangin' out my Powder Shop

[Chorus-From Last Verse-2x]