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Artist: Lil Mario f/ Poxy
Album:  Street Fame Vol. 3
Song:   44-44
Typed by: Lil Hustle


That Acres Home mayn
That 4, that 4 (that 44)

[Lil Mario]
I'm that Lil Yo, I smoke hydro
Get ready for the bomb, as I hit the this do'
Pick up my niggaz, and do just what we do
Some say my niggaz trip a lot, but I'm gon hold 'em down
My brick off niggaz, don't play no games
How you bitch niggaz, like us now
And we gon hold it down, in these H-Town streets
Acres Home niggaz, drink purple lead
Smoke purple weed, y'all heard of me
Lil Mario, 44 (44)
And you know it's real

[Hook: Poxy - 2x]
44, 44-44, 44
That Acres Home man

Acres Home man, 44 mayn
We hold it down mayn, we representing mayn
All the time mayn, Acres Home