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Artist: Lil Mario f/ J Dogg
Album:  Street Fame Vol. 3
Song:   Roll Wit a 45
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah, when thugs cry, slugs fly
Promise you one thing
It's not gone be a pretty sight, that's real
Not at all homie

[Lil Mario]
Niggas tried to X me out the game, through so much pain
But I'm back, to put you niggas to shame
I'm the one and only, I do my dirt by my lonely
These niggas say they down, but I know they phony homies
I'm on my knees more, and got my pistol right beside me
These niggas talking down on my name, but never try me
Now how real is that, coming out the club
And you watching, over your shoulder cuz
You's a mark, and your click don't want no part of us
And for the record we hard hitters, just remember that
And we them niggas that broke you off, nigga way back
I got to teach boys a lesson, with this underground
Lil Mario done fell off, now how the fuck that sound
Rewind this, and tell me nigga do you feel the same
Cause only failures lay it down, in this rap game
And I been here since deep
And ain't no doubt about it, Northside belong to me, and that's real talk
Cause I'm the nigga that represented, while y'all was scared to scream it
While y'all niggas was sober as fuck, I was out here leaning
I brung my niggas that I'm coming back, with a vengeance
And you ain't gonna need that do', I'm knocking it off the hinges
I meant this, my hood and turf nigga I'm still defending
Cause if we winning I know we sinning, come on now
Cause if we winning I know we sinning, come on now

[Hook - 2x]
You know a G, gotta roll with a 45
These boys ain't tripping, know my niggas down to take a life
We can't go tricking on these hoes, when our money ride
All my niggas, tell em what the song sing

[J Dogg]
See I've been there since day one, nigga I never left your side
This way before Swishahouse, just Garden City Drive
Back then me and you, we was like white on rice
When everybody was stealing bikes shit, we was wrecking mics
Remember when Goo-Goo, he put us under his wing
Damn I miss my O.G., we was a hell of a team
But that's another subject though, life goes on
Even though we lost the Goo, nigga we still came strong
And went on to the next level, we graduated
From wrecking flows in the hood, to doing shows with niggas who made it
Young G's, making moves quick
Everybody got they time, and for us that was it
Nigga we came through the do', like a mad rushing
At the age of seventeen, we didn't want for nothing
Say my nigga, recognize what you already done
You don't gotta prove shit, nigga we already won
Real recognize real, so we can't be denied
Them niggas can't kill nothing, nigga they already tried
And look at em, can't nobody stop what's meant
Garden City hard hitters, nigga representing, so do your thang Yo