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Artist: Lil Mario f/ Smack Water
Album:  Street Fame Vol. 3
Song:   What You Say About Me
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah man, all I been doing
Is keeping it real in these streets
And I exposed some niggaz, that wasn't keeping it real
Now everybody think I'm tripping

Now I don't care, what you say about me
Garden City boys, surrounding me
And if y'all niggaz, was fucking with me
Acres Home niggaz, be wilding

[Lil Mario]
Many men gon die, I'm spitting this shit so eloquently
Got the game I got, from my niggaz locked up in the Penitentiary
You know I roll, with niggaz that'll bust and do no talking
We on this block, 24-7 creeping late night stalking
Put it on your mind, when you see these real niggaz get it
We on these drugs all day, bitch come on and fuck with me
And I'ma let this 40-glock, get shit straight like a perm
And I will bust over money you ain't paid, and I done earned
And we been wilding all the time, around that Acres Home
Tattoos on bodies, representing where them killas roam
And I scream it like I mean it, cause I'm real with mine
And we gon have to shut shit down, nigga it's all the time
And I don't wanna hear, ah shit that nigga back again
Cause I'm Lil Yo a soldier, straight built for battling


[Smack Water]
I ain't gon play with these niggaz, I'ma beat one of you hoes up
And if that don't work, I'ma heat one you hoes up
Here's some advice you need, to keep your mouth shut
Before I use mine to eat, one of you hoes up
Don't take a cheap shot, on me put an address on it
Be a man you made your bed, go on and rest on it
Your chest gon rip, if you don't put a vest on it
Oh my bad cop killas, go through a vest on it
If we ain't grew up together, we really ain't homies
Stay out my mix, up close and personal you don't know me
I popped up, but got the plot and to stop it
These other rappers feeling me, in they hearts and pockets
You really lucky, cause I got partnas that don't give warnings
Have one on your hip, police coming they still dumping
You really need to analyze, who you idolize
Most of 'em ain't gon ride, and end up giving you a lot of time