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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Separate But Equal
Song:   Can't Let Her
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And once again, this Phontigga
Little Brother, Illmind on the beat
Check it out y'all, I wanna talk to you
Any of y'all ever been in a relationship that the person
be doin you wrong over and over and over but you stay with 'em anyway?
That's how I feel bout this rap shit sometimes man, on the real
I still love it though

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Never... yo never I say
I could never turn my back, I would never walk away
We done built this thang from the flo' to the ceilin
When other niggas bullshit and Poobie really feelin
Poobie really killin 'em slow - you been there
Every lil' step so I take it you know
From the nigga Romy Millz to them six-figure deals
We still truckin when the weather get chill
Cause most niggas bail at the first sight of stress
I take it all straight to the chest
I ain't alright, I'm bein your best
I just wanna be here, I see how you dispose niggas year after year
And my worst fear - is you bein
I'm not seein, and yo, that'd drive a nigga insane
Imagine wakin up every mornin in pain
Want the kids so we're workin on our love thang

[Hook: Rapper Big Pooh]
There's been so many days I tried and
There's been so many nights I cried but
I can't let her... go, I can't let her
I can't let her... go, I can't let her
There's been so many times I prayed
She'd pack her shit and go away but
I can't let her... go, I can't let her
I can't let her... go, I can't let her

Uh, uh, I'm still singin
Them Dog Sacks on stage, they still swingin
And even when they try to go hard at us
I'm Joe's Law status, hat low, still leanin
The head nigga in charge is still dreamin
Of an industry where hot shit's rewarded
And dope shit's recorded and dumb shit's ignored
And I, sold my heart to the world, nobody bought it
And, everybody made a B-line
Quick to say that LB was on the decline, hold up - rewind
Wasn't it just a year or so ago
when we was them same niggas that everybody was behind?
But that's how it is when you dealin with the evil
Get a little status and they think you too regal
That's the nature of people
Why you think muh'fuckers like to feed pigeons but try to shoot eagles?
And if you too feeble you won't make it, I admit
sometimes I thought about walkin away from this bitch
Cause we been fuckin around for too damn long
But she too damn young and I'm just too damn grown
And it feels like she laughin at me
I can't be mad cause she wanna shake her laffy taffy
I coulda took my degree and used my business savvy
But won't do cause I am so happily unhappy witchu
I can't let her...


I had to take some man-ternity leave
So I could just chill and get away from my problems
Took time to kick it with the wifey and the newborn
But I'm right back to post-pardon stardom
Right back to all the fans and the stalkers
Who keep my rhymes buried deep down in they conscious
So they can go and spit it front row at the concert
I swear this rap shit is a monster... but I can't go