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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Separate But Equal
Song:   How Did This Happen Outro???
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[Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh]
Back again
It's your man Phonte holdin it down for Little Brother
Yo, I know a lot of muh'fuckers is wonderin like
'Yo, what the fuck is, is DJ Drama doin with these backpack niggas?'
	The label made 'em do it!
Label made 'em niggas do it, fuck all that man, yo
	He gave Drama seventy-five thousand dollars!
Yeah, we wrote him a cheque, y'knahmsayin?
I gave him seventy-five thousand and my...
	Told him don't cash it till Monday
Yeah, y'knahmsayin? Your cheque'll be there on Monday
Three months later...
	Your cheque'll be there on Monday
But y'knahmsayin? But I guess the cheque cleared and shit
But nah its like, I mean
You know, it ain't all about cats that look at it and think that
You know, Gangsta Grillz is just all about
Y'know, niggas selling dope or clapping niggas or, or whatever the fuck
But it's just like, real recognise real
You know what the fuck it is
Little Brother, DJ Drama, Gangsta Grillz, Separate But Equal
Let's go