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Artist: Little Brother f/ Darien Brockington
Album:  Separate But Equal
Song:   I Need You
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I met her at the corner store
On a hot summer day getting gasoline
'93 octane, two bottles of juice
Some combos and that new Scratch Magazine
Her body so ravishing and a mean walk
That would make them old men start babbling
Cause them average niggas probably wouldn't say shit
But that nigga 'Te shit slick like Havoline
Hello darling, what's happening? I was admiring
Excuse me, what's your name? Pardon me for inquiring
And I don't mean to sound like an ingrate
I ain't in the game but if so we'd be team mates
We started travelling through conversation and
She started laughing when I said she looked like Madeline
Woods, or maybe Sherry Carter's daughter
Doing them freaky thangs your momma don't think he oughta
I need you

[Darien Brockington]
I say, we don't have to take it slow all night
Its too late, next to me our fingers intertwine
Come on baby, let me take you
Somewhere that you never been before
You'll be glad to know

[Chorus: Darien Brockington]
Kiss you in the early morning
Touchin you very slowly
Do the things that turn you on and
I need you
Baby I know you want it
We can go on and on and
Don't make me wait too long and
I need you

[Darien Brockington]
Hold on baby, let me ask you this
Never mind because you're liking it
You like the way that we grind to this
You turn me on the way you loving it
You're my desire, take me higher
Lets stop talking, lets get physical
You'll be glad to know, oooh baby

[Chorus] {X2}

[Rapper Big Pooh]
All day waiting, anticipating
Two-way messages, she growing impatient
In need of some sexual healing on repeat
I got the feeling, you feeling me love?
Said she running on fumes so I'm filling her up
Daddy love me long time, am I killing or what?
She into hair pulling, ass slapping
Throw her up against the wall
Bend over, hit it from the back and
Shit, you know I can do that
Don't get it misconstrued cause a nigga is fat
You know I'm round all over, get a lil' closer
Watch Poobie do the damn thing like he supposed ta
Uh, the way she look over her shoulder
Got a nigga like me inching closer
To that point it's no turning back
Round one with the me, she's asleep after that