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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Separate But Equal
Song:   Knock Knock
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yeah, it's your boy Rapper
With a little post-game commentary
Y'knahmsayin? We done dropped The Minstrel Show already
We dropped The Chittlin Circuit, I dropped Sleepers
'Te dropped Foreign Exchange, we dropped The Listening
But I don't know if you muh'fuckers is listening man
I don't know if you muh'fuckers know, check it, yo

Pooh's a beast, LB make shit for the streets
Fanfare before every release, most critically acclaimed
Niggas try and maim the name and leave us outside standing in the rain
No umbrella, no jacket, no slicker
I told y'all no turning back, I am NOT that nigga
It's no back peddling, muh'fuckers meddling
Even your team saying shit that's unsettling

And now we bout to settle it cause on the inside we outsiders
But they could never out-move or out-ride us
All day and all night it don't stop nigga
Get your sunblock nigga, you can't outshine us
In this young game me and Pooh are oldtimers
But we, brought it right back to the dirt like coal miners
I mean, brought it right back to the streets with no problem
Now that, look on the face of your peeps is so solemn

[Rapper Big Pooh]
So bitch niggas do what you must, I do what I can
I'm just a man with a pen in his hand
Writing down everything that I'm saying
Feel like I'm running through Sam
Running in place on stage like I'm Sam
Boy stop, cut it, package it up
Ship it out cause the people gon' love it
If it's bullshit you covered, I am not that kind
Get low, get back to the grind

With no time to sit back and recline cause it seem like each time
We critically acclaimed but commercially declined
And now, I'm inclined like a bench press to speak my mind
And my interest about this music
Everybody keep asking 'Why the fuck y'all do this?'
Keep rolling with the punches and bruises
I tell 'em that until we stop losing, believe that
I'ma show boat on these tracks like Carnival Cruises nigga
I give the mic conclusions, oops that's concussions
Niggas this the movement, playing Uncle Ruckus
Too scared to touch us, screaming out 'Don't trust 'em'
New niggas over there is nothing
This is the last time I'll address y'all cons
On the down low, I think all of you niggas is twans
Holding hands late night by the pond, 2006 muh'fuckers it's on
Just like that, let's go

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Top notch, hot shots
LB's at the door, knock knock
Break windows and padlocks
Phonte, Big Pooh, Topshop
Top notch, hot shots
LB's at the door, knock knock
Break windows and padlocks
Right now muh'fuckers just watch