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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Separate But Equal
Song:   Passionflower *
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* - This track is from the newly released "Drama Free Edition"

[Lou Rawls - sampled from "From Now On"]
"This is what it's all about!
'Cause I know if I take care of you, you gon' take care of me
And that's what I'm talkin', 'bout...'bout...'bout...'bout..."

[Intro: Rapper Big Pooh] (Phonte)
Yo (1,2)
Shit (Check it out now)
Tired of these hoes.. (You're now in tune to the sounds...)
..talkin shit
All in my business (of the finest)
Runnin they mouth and shit
Knahmean? (Phonte, Big Pooh, 9th Wonder)
Like that
I'm 'bout to let y'all know a lil' somethin
(Little Brother) Me and my nigga Tay
9th Wonder, y'all (Keep it goin, y'all)
(On and on)

Now on the outside lookin in, it's a lot easier
to see why niggas like me can't win
'Cause the bullshit lies in friends so-called
in the middle of my shit, kind of miss you are
Pissin me off to the point where, I cain't think
I cain't eat, I cain't sleep - just drink
And try to drown my life away
Muh'fuckers keep callin - damn, go away!
And let me be by myself, it's my problem, not nobody else
Stop callin GNO 'cause advice won't help
I'm in a tight situation, you dig?
I had plans for us to grow together, have a couple of kids
wit a three-story house, yard front and back
Plant flowers in the spring, but you changed all that
You ask where we go from here, I don't know all that
All I know is right here where I'm 'sposed to be at
YOU figure it out! KEEP my name outcho mouth!

{Chorus: "Watchin yooou, yoooou" repeats in the background 4X}

[Rapper Big Pooh overlaps]
Yaknahmsayin? Stay out my shit
Let me be me, let me DO me
Let me do my thang, tired of you hoes
Always got somethin to say, addin some extra shit (for real)
Knahmsayin? I don't need your input
Let me handle mine (Yaknahmsayin?)
Feel me

Ay-y-y-yo, I understand a hate for a nigga
But why you have to go and turn snake on a nigga?
Smile one day then get fake on a nigga
Runnin, ya fuckin mouth turn states on a nigga
Like, Sammy the Bull, let's examine the full
spectrum of your deception, the scandalous tools
That hold jewels when they wanna get fickle on you
Get jealous, call wifey then drop two nickels on you
Don't even act like I done shitted on you
How you gon' do me like that when my woman used to ride in
my deepest secrets I confide in
And at your crib, I reside in when shit got hard
Mom DUKES even to' me apart
She said, "Boy, you might THINK she pullin for you, but it's all a facade"
She ain't tryna see you get none of that free money
that Baby Gap shoppin spree money
That California Beni B. money
"The Listening" royalty check CD money
The LB, J-League money
The long dough, so your family won't be hungry
Sit down and takin all the wisdom that you leave from me
I shoulda listened to moms
Instead of all these funny niggas greasin my palms, go ring the alarm
But ain't no need for me to stay around it
or next verse I'm droppin GOVERNMENT NAMES and ain't gon' be so fuckin vague about it!
Word up!

{Chorus: "Watchin yooou, yoooou" repeats in the background 8X}

[Phonte overlaps]
Yaknahmsayin, man? This shit is a trip
just to see how, three niggas can just come up with somethin
in such a short amount of time and..
Just see all the hate that'll come out of that shit
Heh, yaknahmsayin? My nigga told me one time
You ever wanna know how many enemies you got
think about your no-good friends and double that shit
This shit is real, man..We gon' keep doin it
Fuck that, LB to the end, baby
Let's keep it movin
It's like that, y'all...