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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  Separate But Equal
Song:   Playin' to Lose *
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* taken from the "Drama Free Edition"

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yeah, my mic on? We recording?
Ok, just wanted to make sure
Cheah, uh, Rapper, Tigga
Uh, you know what it is man

I got a pen that write heavy, sword that swing light
Howard Hughes on the mic, that's right
Poobie take flight when he write, I shine so bright
Brilliant cut, you can put me in the light
VVS, I don't think cause I am the best
I ain't just talking shit to impress
My swagger's mean, at the bar and my cup is green
You want to know? HOJ's the team, back drinking
You want to know? Rapper Pooh back stinking
Middle finger up if you ever call me weakling
I'm peaking and it's just the right time
This just the right rhyme, just the right line
Lean a little close and I'm sure you might find
Fine print, I'm ahead of my time, now bring it back
They like 'Pooh, why you do me like that?'
I don't know, that's the way I attack you bitch nigga, let's go!

[Hook: Phonte] {X2}
Somebody should've told your man the rules
I got a whole team full of animals
That's more than ready, willing to handle you
Cause if you fuckin with us homie, you playin to lose

I'm sending this to all rhymers
Y'all should forget about it like a mobster with Alzheimer's
It's a LB banger, got your spot bubblin
Roll your windows down and turn your volume up a bit
Everybody lovin it when Phonte rock the rhythm
Five-nine, kind of stocky with him
Wack MC's with no skills, I gots to get 'em
Got niggas screaming 'No doubt' like optimism
Stop to give 'em a listen to the way that I be laying tracks easily
You to me, it's like DVD to Betamax when I'm laying back wit
Ready, willing and able raps and soft niggas don't want to play with that
LB got them jams that knock
In the UK where you say 'Your mans is hot'
Down in Brickston, all the way to Camden locked
This shit is too hot to handle, stop bitch nigga, let's go!

[Hook] {X2}

Yes, yes
One time for your mind
Phonte, Big Pooh
My man on the guitar, sounding so sweet
It's Hip Hop music, the creators
LB, one time