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Artist: Little Brother f/ Supastition
Album:  Separate But Equal
Song:   Rollin Out
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Ay, what up? This Supastition man
Y'all new niggas listen here man
I'm from North Carolina
I know Little Brother, I know the Justus League man
But y'all stop tryna give me these goddamn CDs man
Getting me to ask 9th for a beat
Telling me to ask 'Te for a hook
I got my own shit nigga

Now I ain't scared of newcomers, my spot's solidified
And there's nothing to debate like whether 'Pac's still alive
I slap-box with your pride
I bury your respect in a coffin with all of your confidence locked inside
Rock any type of crowd in any town of my choice
And I get pussy off the strength and the sound of my voice
So just, turn up your monitors, fall to your knees, honor us
Cause LB and Supa ain't the niggas that you want it with
Don't spit for the fun of it, sell, if it makes money
I'ma run with it, this underground game could be punishment
The Carolinas running shit, like it or love it
You know I'm ill but niggas too scared to say it in public
And I don't blame you, cause really I don't expect it from you
Whether you like it or not, you gotta respect my hustle
Do yourself a favor, run and grab a pen and pad, write down
Document it, Supa's that nigga as of right now, whoo!

Young Khrysis nigga
Tour of duty shit, y'knahmsayin?
We don't have to talk, we on the bus
There ain't nobody fuckin with us right now
Come on 'Te

Uh, and up next to rhyme it's Phontigga
I figure it's time to exercise you wack niggas
Have 'em runnin for the exit sign, cause every time
I spit it's like I'm testifying to my J-League fam
I really think it's time for us to re-program
You promoters' way of thinking, for you to get us out
That's at least four grand, and I ain't tryna politic
Chill or hold hands, so dog, get on your toes
Like the repo man, get ready to love it
Best live show, no one above it
Dog, I seen less stay together just to add a little substance
But don't get it confused, it ain't ever Hall of Justus
Niggas ain't crooners, niggas just soon to blow
I suggest you watch your tone of voice junior
LB and Supastition, when I move
My mission is to prove my diction is the livest nigga

Haha, you muh'fuckers killin me dog, be tryna call Dho
These promoter niggas tryna book us for shows
Fifteen hundred dollars, all in and a goddamn trip to Waffle House
Nigga, soft as my girl ass is
I ain't getting out the bed for fifteen hundred dollars nigga
Let's keep it goin yo, uh, tour of duty

Now I done been around the world and rocked a few shows
Crashed a few cities and smashed a few hoes
Until these niggas respect me like they supposed
I'ma keep, keep rockin and that's the way it goes

My nigga L.E.G. and Sean Boog, yeah they rollin out
And yo my nigga Chaundon, yeah he rollin out
And now my nigga Supastition, yeah he rollin out
And now the Rapper Big Pooh bout to hold it down

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Come on, aim fire, I inspire
To be the fastest driver in life's five hundred
Niggas don't want it with Pooh, if they do
You can bring your whole crew and I'll give it to 'em too
From the brim of my hat to the sole of my shoe
From my very first bar to the last when I'm through
I put in work my nig'
I know my moniker carries it but I'm tryna live big
Not Pun, not L, not B.I.G.
It's the Rapper Big Pooh down in history
Khrysis orchestrate like a symphony
Simply, I'm dude who you tryna be
I done been to the places that you dying to see
I done hit a few broads that you tryna gee
Now, I brought the team on the road with me
We open the market up, that's how it's sposed to be
Don't let your man be a victim of my poster B
Better turn his ass round like a rotary
I don't wanna toot my own horn
But them LB niggas got it going on
Word is Bond-Jovi, on tour so the whole world know me
You want...

Oh so you just gonna fade the beat out on me man?
Some of these muh'fuckin rappers need to fade the beat out
On they motherfuckin careers man, y'knahmsayin?
Cause them niggas suck man
And then they wanna cipher with me after the muh'fuckin shows and shit man
A nigga tired man, my muh'fuckin voice hurt man
Y'knahmsayin? My voice hurtin right now man!
I just wanna get on the bus, I wanna go to sleep
I gotta go to the next city
My shirt all sweaty and shit, my back all sweaty
Nigga, I'm fat nigga!
I'm two hundred and eighty motherfuckin pounds nigga!
Nigga, I'm tired nigga! I'm tired!
Goddamn tired nigga! Shit!