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Artist: Little Brother f/ Chaundon, Skyzoo
Album:  Separate But Equal
Song:   Speed Racin'
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Skyzoo, Little Brother, Chaundon, 9th Wonder y'all

I've been an originator, if my name's on it, I'm the creator
So on a day to day, I'm duckin from perpetrators
Haters talk a lotta nonsense, this, that and the third
But when Sky get to stompin, they sit back on they words
Homie I ain't deep with that bullshit
You bite my style, you blocked down on some Paid In Full shit
I dry it up quick, I don't play with my music
If you don't got the heart of the talent then you shouldn't do this
Everybody wanna shine, everybody spit bars
Everybody got rhymes and everybody click hard
But the truth is, none of your vehicles is ruthless
And havin an imaginary burner can't do shit
But I do what I do, move how I move
My life's like a lost video for 2 Live Crew
Still got the hood on smash
So when I look over my shoulders New York is lookin right back

[Hook: Skyzoo]
Slow down to speed racin, dudes keep hatin
But the minute we gone, we become they favourite
Everybody tough, everybody talk flagrant
But when the chips is down, nobody wanna say shit
Slow it down, slow it down y'all (slow it down y'all)
Slow it down, slow it down y'all (slow it down y'all)
Speed racin, dudes keep hatin
But the minute we gone, we become they favourite
Slow it down...

Uh, Phontigga still sick with the homonyms
I say what up to your mans and your moms and 'nem
A lotta niggas wanna take my place
Deep down, get the fuck out my space like Tom and 'nem
I'm up in Topshop wanderin, how the game got fucked up
Sat back and assessed it - niggas really think
That if they ain't been arrested
Shot or locked up, we ain't interested
That ain't all true, and that ain't all you
And if it ain't, ain't no need to lie about it
Just cause a nigga got the skills to sell dope
Don't mean he got the same skills to rap about it
I came to rep the true article
Makin every word, every verse spill like it was a part of you
I never rhyme about no robbin or thievin
And still got you niggas bobbin and weavin
Like after school, so fuck haters, and the naysayers
On the low, niggas is probably eighth graders
Cats that won't play us cause they play favourites
In the long term, on my own terms I'll make it


[Rapper Big Pooh]
The illest there is, the realest you know
9th Wonder on the drums, an impeccable flow
Toe for toe, the only heavy spitters you know
Say I'm in it for the money but I came with doe
That's for sho', niggas do thangs for show
Buy shit they don't need, six months they po'
Out the do', record movin out the sto'
But they car repo'd, house resold
Momma said everything that glitters ain't gold
Truth be told I got what you need right now
Pound for pound, we can go round for round
But you lookin at the best up from the underground, dig it!

I got the roof on fire and the city under siege
Name one rapper fuckin with me, bitch please
That's work, niggas is wack - if you was rhymin in the mirror
Your reflection would be meldin it back
Lyrically I can't stand y'all niggas
I'ma start T-Painin your career, turnin rappers into singers
And I know some of y'all are like "Who the fuck is he?"
Or confident - "I know he ain't talkin to me"
Slow it down, niggas too quick to run their miles
Get Down with the King, this is Chaundon's House
Big does on the couch drinkin ginger ale and vodka
Bet my publishin, he can outshine your rasta
Lords of the Underground, we some Chief Rockers
This is the A-Team, I'm {?}
This is that crack, this is that coke
Said a few drug references, now they say I'm dope