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Artist: Little Brother f/ Joe Scudda
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit 1.5
Song:   Third Party
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yeah, uh, Rapper, Scudda, Khrysis, you know
Uh, we bout to have a party in this muh'fucker
(Aight, I'ma get it this album man, for real, for real shit)
Check me out y'all, yo-yo

Pooh's number one, not two through five
He the realest muh'fucker that you heard alive
No jive man, he the supply man
The resident fly man, you ready to ride fam?
Load up a fly cam, you wit him, they comin to get him
Cause they heard about Sleepers, how he tryna shit 'em
And they heard about Scuds, they heard about Dash
And how they told all y'all kiss they ass
Left his crime in the past, it could show to the surface
Smellin bitch niggas now gettin all nervous
How the hell did we ever unearth this
maniac? He don't speak much, when he do it's on purpose
His game like Sampras, serve's official
His track record razor sharp, ready to kiss you
This ain't intended to diss you, but dismiss you
You tryna piss who? You tryna piss poo
I leave dumb niggas in piss pools
Body chopped up in the ocean for fish food
Nah I'm just playin, you get what I'm sayin?
On the mic there won't be no delayin

[Joe Scudda]
Yeah, yeah, Rapper Pooh, J-O
We back at it, huh, yeah

Joe the, realest of real, fuck how you feel
You think Joe gon' stop? Fuck if I will
Ill, like Marbury when he handled appeal
And a hoopty on the lean with my hand on the wheel
Holler at birds, when Joe polly with words
Scuds and Rapper Pooh official man, you probably heard
That, Joe's a show ripper, flow spitter
I'm at the bar and your girl want a drink, you better go with her
Cause Joe will get her, Joe will hit her
Joe will fill her up with liquor man, Joe will flip her
Joe will do some nasty shit, take some pictures
Dismiss her, call Joe the Five-Fiffer Slitster
Don't call me mister, call me master
Yeah your girl might call you but she call me faster
I be beatin them cakes off, go head and ask her
Now she do all types of freak shit and I ain't even gas her