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Artist: Little Brother f/ Supastition
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit 1.5
Song:   Doin' Me
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
It's last time we doin this shit man

"The man behind the boards is Khrysis"

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Uh, one of the best to do it, maybe the best that did it
Most niggas talk about it, but Rapper Pooh live it
I paint a picture so vivid with my wordplay
I'm tryna live my life, fuck what Herb say
I don't come out to play, I head out to work
I'm in the bidness of makin niggas heads jerk
I'm tryna move units, I'm one to move hands
Yeah I comprehend the importance of havin fans
But some fans don't understand
Walk that very thin line between bein a Stan
Before all this rap shit, I'm first to man
I don't want you all up in my space, Stanley just stop it
Cause after some shows, I ain't tryna chop it
And it's not hoes, niggas outa pocket
Can I live? Have a moment to breathe?
I just rocked for two hours and you still won't move from me

[Hook: Rapper Big Pooh] {X2}
They say I should be more happy and be more friendly and
Smile a little more but that shit is not in me and
These silly niggas tryna tell me who to be dog
I'm livin life, havin fun, doin me dog

Uh, check it out
They say mothers and sons should never depart
Always stay close to the heart and stand strong through whatever regardless
Of the their personal problems, it should always revolve
Around love, but lately a nigga been conscious
Because it's, been becomin a nuisance
When at the drop of a dime, your puttin your two cents in
With the mention of a new love in my life
She here to stay ma, it's not just a fuck for the night
I gives a fuck if you like, the decision I carry
Wanna be happily married and not just stuck with a wife
Who can't adjust to my rappin and her lips always yappin
And that's just what woulda happened if I took your advice
Got baby moms askin for mo' stacks, thinking my doe stacks
Cause me and the boys work for Lior
I think both of y'all niggas need Prozac
But I got lawyers, just in case she show her ass like Eeyore
And wanna get a piece of my hits
I support my child, baby moms ain't entitled to shit
And it hurts to write this cause maybe now you'll understand
You gon' lose me as a son till you respect me as a man, holler

[Hook: Phonte] {X2}
They say I should be more lovin and be more carin and
Give a little more but that shit I'm not hearin and
I'm sick of niggas tryna tell me who to be dog
I'm livin life, havin fun, doin me dog

You wanna tell me how I should be livin and how it could be different
Or how better things could be if you was put in this position
You don't understand the life that I lead, cousin it's hard
Every flight that I leave, my wife and my seeds
I wish that I could be more involved, I leave it in destiny's hands
Just because I'm on the road don't make me less of a man
I spit it from the heart and I don't care if other dudes are doin it
They said I should be more focused, now I'm movin units
Just as long as my name is on the tip of your tongue
Fuck your opinion nigga, Supastition stick to his guns
And you ain't never walked a day in my shoes, felt what I've felt
So talk till your face turns blue, I'm ruinin myself
It's like people seein you rockin from the crowd, then get applause
They think your pockets swollen cause your album is in stores
I should be more polite to my immediate fam
And close friends, fall back and let me be who I am
This is me man

[Hook: Supastition] {X2}
They say I should be more focused and be more patient and
Find a better way to let of my frustrations
I'm sick of niggas tryna tell me who to be dog
I'm livin life, havin fun, doin me dog