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Artist: Little Brother f/ L.E.G.A.C.Y.
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit 1.5
Song:   Flash and Flare
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{sampling "Emerald City Sequence" from The Wiz}

[repeat 4X]
You, got to have FLASH, and FLAIR

[L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Intro]
Hehe, gotta have flash and flare
Flamboyant on y'all
{This is a Little Brother exclusive}
9th, Wonder...L.E.G.A.C.Y...uh, Phonte

These rappers babble on how they time'll come one day
That shit'll never come like mail on a sunday 
You lackin somethin, must be the flash or somethin 
We love tainted, pure L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Tay'll get you 
frustrated, groups break up like B2K
Don't care how you spit nigga, got +Flair+ like Rick nigga 
critics thought they sank me but I hold my float
They tried to hang me but I'm dope-on-a-rope 
Doom style, get on stage and boo the crowd 
From my throne patient, hold my own like masturbation
I, let off, look on but L.E.G's off 
Reachin for figures, the Feidian chips 
I'm diarrhea nigga, you ain't ready for this shit 
Stop you dead in your tracks, what's f'in with dat? 
I wish a muh'fucker WOULD, shit I'm that fuckin good  
Come stocked with raps but you gotta have flash 

[repeat 4X]
You, got to have FLASH, and FLAIR

[Phonte - overlapping]
Uh, give it to me now..
Fucked up, brah...
{*imitaing Dave Chappelle playing Rick James*} They never shoulda gave us niggers MONEY!!
What about yo' raps Phonte, and, Big Pooh, 9th Wonder and L.E.G.A.C-eeeeeeeey!

Uh, excuse me playa, no I don't mean to bother ya 
but just in case the beat is hittin too hard for you 
Just know, Phonte is doin his job, 'cause I 
stay on the scene like cinematographers 
This is not a game, this a whole 'nother conference 
I done, gree-det and meet and thoughts is sharper now
Niggaz got questions like Barbara Walters 
while the so-called playas pro'lly won't even talk to us
Phonte is rap for real, ya Massengill 
Just thespians in the Screen Actors Guild 
I really wanna re-lax and chill 
but y'all fuckers gon' make me relapse for real 
And take it back to '98 on you niggaz 
when I was straight disablin niggaz 
Iron Mics, 1st place, Cats-Cradling niggaz 
I ain't got time to play witchu niggaz 
for now that's all I gotta say to you niggaz 
This is history in the making and y'all's ain't been made yet 
This is the single the radio ain't played yet 
Tay is not a safe bet, Raleigh niggaz tried to carry me 
but, I'm already at my Apex, holla! 

[repeat 4X]
You, got to have FLASH, and FLAIR

[Phonte overlaps]
Niggaz tryna get on the mic
with all that goddamn rappity-rappity-rappin-and-rappin and all that shit..
With no flash, no emotion, no passion, no conviciton..
Nigga, you just a talking head!
And meanwhile, I'm holla'n at'cha girl, and she talkin head
Yanahmsayin, c'mon!