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Artist: (Little Brother f/) Khrysis
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit 1.5
Song:   Khrysis Shoutro
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Yeah! Once again y'all
We done made it to the end of Chitlin Circuit 1.5
I go by the name of Young Khrysis
Beat maker extraordinaire, from The Away Team no doubt
Big shout out Sean Boog, big shout out L.E.G.A.C.Y.
Y'knahmsayin, we droppin albums in May
Just in case you didn't know, it's National Anthem and Project Mayhem
Everything's comin out, Hall of Justus baby
Big Dough is my manager, y'knahmsayin
So if you got any questions, hit him up man, hit him up!
You got his contact information, fuck all that
Look, let me give a big shout out man to the whole entire Justus family
Y'knahmsayin, you know who the hell it is, man I ain't gotta name everybody
Dru Ha over there at Boot Camp, Sean Price over there at Boot Camp
Smif-N-Wessun over there at Boot Camp, you know
Buckshot over there at Boot Camp, Illmind you know, Jean Grae
Y'knahmsayin, ILLMIND! Gettin in the club, forty free, FORTY FREE!
Yeah, my man Supastition, big shout out to my niggas up in Boston
Yo, and NBS, Natural Born Spitters
Niggas is hot yo, be on the look out for them
BIG FAT shout out to Masta Ace, giving me my first break out there
I see you dog, big shout out to The Allies
Y'knahmsayin, Remo, Blessed Child, Baby Sham
Big Shout out to Young Guru, the A&R, Def Jam
Congratulations on your new position and shit
Give a big shout out to Mya holdin it down at the office of Hall of Justus
White Mike, T-Hug, cause I'm a thug
Can't forget Dame yo, makin big things happen for the Hall of Justus
Don't forget, don't forget, don't forget!
The Minstrel Show comin to all you minstrel niggas
Think we playin around this muh'fucker man? JL holdin it down
Hall of Justus, Chitlin Circuit 1.5, 2005
Big year man, we takin the fuck over!
WE'RE NOT PLAYIN! AHH! That's it, I'm out, one, holler