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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit 1.5
Song:   Ladies' Jam
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[Phonte talking]
Oh, it sounds so lovely ladies and gentlemen
The sounds you're hearin from
New York City's very own Young Guru
Hooked up with Little Brother
Then made a transition from mixin on the boards
To hoppin behind the beat machine
And it sounds so lovely, it's for all the ladies
Big Pooh, give it to 'em

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I'm shy, timid, slow on the draw
Ignore 'em when they close but love 'em from afar
Star, nah that's not on my mind
I've been on a mission for that one I'm tryna find
But I get caught livin life in the rhyme
Livin life on the grind, just livin life I
Be twenty-somethin on my birthday
It's a catch 22, I want a girl to support me
Call me up when I'm out on the road
Come to a couple shows and critique a nigga flow
Well, no, yes, maybe so
That's what I'm lookin for 'Te? I just don't know
So, I'ma be a bachelor
It's a Big Pooh thing, smooth operator
The next time that I'm close for sure
I'll probably fall to the hands of her law

[Hook: Rapper Big Pooh]
I'm talkin bout Keisha and Teisha and Toya and Stacie and
Aleisha, Renee and Mercedes and, I love ladies man
(Got to get you in my arms tonight)
Cause they be calling and writing, emailing and paging and
Try to front but I just can't fake it man, I love ladies man
(Got to get you in my arms tonight)

How could I hate 'em when I want 'em so much? That's the obstacle
Keepin my feelings inside, that's what I try to do
Cause niggas said it wasn't possible
But let me confirm, Tigallo is in love, I ain't gon' lie to you
And my Amy Carter giving me certain glances
Plus move that under some real wide circumstances
But it was worth the chances, I'm like Fish in the Matrix
Hoping she's the one and ain't no replacing
Done fucked my head up like bitches with braces
Thinkin bout our warm hugs, soft kissin embraces
And I ain't done feelin it cause
Tigallo done had showdowns with hoes in old towns and slum villages
And it don't compare to you, point blank period
You are that midnight star that's got me curious
Shinin like Sirius, yes I'm seriously
Thinkin bout our future, this is how real it is


And now some of you ladies are not compliant
Y'all need to just come clean, please stop the lyin
You probably wouldn't even fuck with me if not for rhymin
I mean it ain't brain surgery or rocket science
You lookin like "Oooh girl, I just got to try him"
Thinkin I'ma buy you rocks and diamonds
Cause you ain't had a man ever since the days of stop the violence
And now we up in court waring like the Scotts and Irish

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Slow it down, pump your brakes girl, stop your whinin
But some ladies do have improper timing
Stay on a nigga back and it's not for climbing
I'm, indebted to your life forever
Who held a nigga down till his dough got better?
For that job, bought shoes, shirts, ties and sweaters
Expressed all her love in a four page letter
My God, I'll never forget her, so let 'em know


[Phonte talking]
Yeah, yeah-yeah, check it
Little Brother, Young Guru
We keep it going y'all
From bass line to chop shop, we making the block hot
Phonte get Big Pooh
Young Khrysis on the boards
A descendant and disciple of Young Guru in his engineer days
But he's a producer now, and he makes this track sound so beautiful
Ladies if you listen to me out there
I want you to put your hands in the air and wave 'em side to side
And now I just want you to think about a sex man such as myself or Big Pooh
A big sexy man that will just take you out and feed you and treat you so good
Give you some of this southern lovin and southern hospitality
Big props to Young Guru for givin us the track
I know you used to working with the likes of greats
Like Jigga Man and Memph Bleek and the whole Roc-A-Fella Crew
But you know, he took a chance with these two boys from North Carolina
And they made a hit, and it sounds so good