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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit Mixtape
Song:   Long Time Coming
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Off the top, from the top
Not the bottom, not the middle
It's like this y'all, we don't quit y'all
The fly shit y'all, it's Little Brother
and Oddisee on the track, taking it back
A little something to bounce to, a little something to rock to
You can, y'knahmsayin? You can get your nice little drink or whatever
Pull on up, y'knahmsayin? Nigga like Oddisee
if you're feeling the beef jerky, he'll get you one of them
Y'knahmsayin? Snap into it and swallow it all down
We gon' get it going like this, yo

It's been a long time coming but we finally back out
Like {?} it's the king of the black outs
Phonte, the one that got your whole style mapped out
Rhymes that have more niggas online than a frat house
Searching for that digital to analog, Little Brother
and Oddisee tracks, another head banger pa
Cocked back, ready to fire when we aim at y'all
And when the beat drop, make everybody sing along

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Whether writing, reciting or rocking we inviting your
best forth, no test course, this is it
Horse, and you already on your last leg
Left for half-dead, no half-bred, Pooh is pure dope
I'm uncut leaving niggas no hope
You couldn't see me with a telescope
I'm taking y'all for a joke
Ha-di-ha, Richard Pryor type funny
I don't wanna freestyle nigga, I'm getting money

[Chorus: Phonte]
I'm making moves and all
You funny niggas, I don't want nothing to do with y'all
Rap's a hustle and you losing dog
Don't look surprised like this shit is really news to y'all
I'm making moves and all
It's been a long time coming, paid my dues and all
We gon' rock the party-party, for everybody-body
It's real life dog, this shit is not a hobby

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Flow's contagious, we act outrageous
Big Pooh up in Brothers Three, I'm getting pages
Please come and save us, these niggas don't faze us
Whenever LB touch mics, they amaze us
Oh, so many flavours released from the chambers
Times couldn't change us, but maybe they arrange us
to do more than the last so-called "dope emcees"
But getting no's on their scorecard

Praise God, 'Te rocking it with no pausing
Rip so many bars, he should've got a juris doctorate
and start sentencing all of you slob-ass niggas
Quick to ass kiss like it's-your-job-ass niggas
Sideshow-Bob-ass niggas
Write-on-magazine-poster-pinup-heartthrob-ass niggas
LB and Oddisee known to mob niggas
Bad news for anybody who got a prob with us

[Chorus] {X2}

Oddisee is doing his thing tonight
{?}, yeah he doing his thing tonight
Big Pooh, yo he doing his thing tonight
My nigga Big Dho, yo he doing his thing tonight
Quartermaine, yo he doing his thing tonight
And Kev Brown, yo he doing his thing tonight
We get down watching the ring tonight
with some hoes, making 'em sing tonight hahaha

{*Phonte adlibs to end*}