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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  The Chitlin Circuit Mixtape
Song:   On and On
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yeah, LB's back in this
Please bear witness
"On and on and on and on and on and..." --> Q-Tip
To the one and only Rapper Big Pooh
Phonte, 9th Wonder y'all
Y'all know how we do every time we come out
Check it out uh, yo, uh

They wanna know Pooh and this rap life
They wanna know what it's like not to sleep nights
They wanna do joints, have 'em sound butter
They wanna roll with the League and know Scudda
They wanna know Dilla, they wanna know Dho
Topshop, Missians(?) their studios
They wanna rhyme with 'Te, get beats from P
Be the third member yelling out LB's
They wanna role trip, niggas trip on the roll
Plenty clowns, they wanna know Mike now
They wanna know Po', they wanna know Wu
End '98, they wanna help start something new
They wanna know this hunger, they wanna know
why hate seems to fuel niggas longer
They wanna know if they can make me quit
Muh'fuckers, I'm built for this, so get your game right

[Chorus: Darien Brockington]
And on and on and on and on
And on and on and on and on
And on and on and on and on and on, ohh, ohhhh

They wanna know 9th, they wanna know Pooh
But they ain't tryna know the crazy shit they go through
Like four AM in the booth recording vocals
or at the club watching fake niggas approach you
They wanna know 'Te, the one that's wild and crazed
Not the nigga with a child to raise
Not that nigga that's dead broke and writes a page
to keep his faith through the long nights and faceless days
Shit, niggas be eyeing me down
Wanna be my appetite for destruction but I'm died in now
Wanna see my team fall out or step out of bounds
so they can try and take control of the crown
But as long as fam is holding me down
it's crunch time with a minute to go
I'm at the baseline stealing the show
And when I make a million or so, still focus on God
Cause rap might decide it don't feel me no more


[Darien Brockington]
And on... oooh
You can't stop to the break of dawn
You can't stop no, no

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I wanna know joy, get away from pain
Have money in my pocket taking care of things
Not the dookie role-pairing bone or finger rings
But a house with some land, real estate man
I wanna know success, get away from hate and
It's enough food, we all get a plate and

Break bread like Merida and Sunbeam
One team coming through in your speaker for one thing
In a short time went from unsigned and unseen
to outshining you niggas without the sunscreen
We home run hitters, y'all niggas just bun sing
On a quest to make history tryna run things, LB