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Artist: Little Brother
Album:  The Original Chitlin Circuit
Song:   Shake It
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Shake it, move it, sound like a star girl, you gleaming
Wigglin' now, turn it around, and let me see it
Now come a little closer this time so I could be
Exactly what you want me to be over this beat and
Rock you to the rhythm while we're dancing and shit
With your arms around my neck and my hands on your hip
In the club with the light shining and getting smoke in your clothes
Smelling like Newports and white diamonds
Of course I like rhyming
But also like grinding with a sexy young thing like you
That like finding the groove and down for the fuck of it
Losing yourself between the kick and the snare and the percussion is down
What a rush it is to watch you do your thing yo
Don't really freak on the spot, but that could change though
The way you move 'Te was made to love it
The elegance, class, and beauty of it
now keep it going on and on and shake it for me

[Big Pooh]
Pooh really not the dancing type
Trust chicks I know what they like
Give you the light on some Sean Paul shit
Put my hands on your hips, my fingers down your lips
Wipe the sweat from her brow, I know she loving this, feel me
A go-getter ma, so what's your best move?
Believe me, big niggas like to grind too
Remind you, agility about a 9-2
I slide through on the floor where I find you
She like fine too, open toe shoes
White dress, white blouse, fresh hair-do
Amaretto sour in the taste of sky blue
Euphoria the state that you're trying to get to
We both back together trying to become one
You tend to throw it back harder when your song on
"Oh that's my song there." Oh that's your song baby?
Keep on throwing it back and let's go crazy

Check it out, yo, it ain't no guest list or VIP
No need to sweat the next chick while they asking you to see ID
Amidst the giggling from the crowd, and haters sniveling at you
'Cause they liking the way your hips swiveling
Bounce in connection with mine, getting off beat, never that
Girl you look good in your spaghetti straps
Now let me spin you around, see where your head is at
Maybe later on, where your bed is at?
But yo until then, just shake it for me